Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Few Things I Love and Adore ♥

Saw this blog on some1s page and thought i would do my own one with a few things i Love.

My Family

I have the most amazing Mum and Dad who i am very close to,they mean everything to me and i love them with all my heart, so glad i can chat to them about anything, Also i am an only child so very close to my cousins theres quite a few of us and especially Emma my older cousin am so proud call her 1 of my best friends as well as a cousin.


My Boyfriend

I have the best boyfriend in the world he is amazing always makes me laugh and I love him with all my heart with him now know true love he means the world to me and we always have so much fun together.

My Friends

Now where would i be without my friends, i have some of the amazing friends in the world and i wouldn't change them for anyone love them all SO much and they are the nicest,funniest people I've ever known


I'm a sucker for cupcakes my main sweet weakness i think lol just love them, my Fave bakery is the humming bird bakery in South Kensington London the cupcakes there are amazing, when the world cup was on it got an amazing one which i didn't wanna eat as was sooo pretty


I LOVE music and tbh all kinds of music anything from Sam Cooke,Marvin Gaye,to Bon Jovi,Oasis,Snow Patrol,Bruce Springsteen,The Eagles,Bryan Adams,Boyzone,Westlife,Usher,Eminem,Kelis,to Sade, Ultrabeat,Kings of Leon,Elton John so anything really. Love how all kinds of music for whatever mood u r in and how 1 song can bring back SO many memories

James Dean

Omg i LOVE James Dean he was such an amazing actor and so beautiful so sad his life was cut short at the age of 21 in the 50's, My Mum loves him and i got into him from her Rebel Without a Cause is one  my favourite films

The Beach

The beach is one of my fave places to go to even if it a rainy day i just love walking along the beach feeling the sand between my toes, hearing the sound of the sea such a peaceful place to be, love watching the sunset whilst sitting on the beach watching the world go by.


Winter is one of my favourite seasons i don't  like the coldness of it lol but i love the feeling of being all nice  and snug in bed listening to the rain and wind outside your window whilst watching a nice DVD and drinking nice mug of hot chocolate

Pretty Woman

Now this is without doubt my favourite film of all time i can never ever get bored of it can can watch it over and over again i know every single word to it lol sad i know and the sound track is my fave movie soundtrack of all time as well just can not be beaten




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