Friday, 13 August 2010

Miss Style Queen

Ever since i heard Danni Minogue was bringing out a fashion line i was SO excited and couldn't wait in my eyes she is the most stylish woman around at the minute and she pulls it off so effortlessly if its every day casual look or red carpet look she always looks absolutely stunning some of my fave looks. I love this Black and White 50's style dress she wore just looks stunning and really suits her, Love the natural make up she has gone for as well.
And Danni's Clothing range Project D is beyond amazing the dresses blew me away, espec Colt,Poker,and shuffle theres a good mix of dresses u can wear day time in the sun with flip flops along the beach and then at night with high heels out for a nice meal with friends and family the best thing is that Danni has catered for everyone and everyday situations.
And now with her new TV show Style Queen which is aired every weds itv2 9pm where you can see all the hard work Danni and her best friend Tabitha put in to getting the range out is amazing, shows her hard at work and always giving 110% and shows her relaxing with her boyfriend and family away from work it is a fantastic show and the best thing about it is it show what a lovely down to earth person Danni is so warm and friendly and good fun but so hard working she deserves all the sucess she gets because in my eyes it couldn't happen to a nicer person! You can tell how much her and Kris are in love and what amazing Parents they will be to Baby Ethan. So if you are reading this i recommend you go and check out Danni's clothing range at trust me you will not be disappointed!!
Love this Dress which Danni wore to the Launch of her clothing range Project D


  1. Just had a look at the clothing line, wow!
    I agree Dani seems like a genuinly nice, hardworking person.
    I'll defo be tuning in to watch her new program! :)

  2. Aw thanks for the comment!! The dresses r stunning arent they! Hava good weekend xx