Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wah Nails are a must!!

So some may say I'm a little bit obsessed when it comes to my nails, have so many nail varnish's in different colours and shades O.P.I and Barry M are my favourite brands of nail varnish at the min i sometimes find it hard to get a colour to last on my nails without chipping after a couple of days and with these two brands i find the colours are so vibrant and last for at least a week or so without any signs of chipping plus they dry very quickly which is always a plus if you are like me and can't sit still for 5 seconds. Anyway had a weekend in London and had heard of Wah Nails in the Topshop Oxford Street i had a look at their website and was blown away by what they can do with ya nails and all the different designs here are just a few

Now these Leopard print ones r so cool and with the colourings will go with any outfit, I also loved these multi coloured ones as shows a variety of what they do! I personally went for  Black and white Print ones as they took my fancy at the time But i highly recommend next time any1 is on Oxford street and ya love having ya nails done and being pampered gone down to the Basement level and to Wah Nails and treat ya self the prices range from £20 a set to £70 a set depending on what u fancy. Also check their website out they are also on twitter if u wanna ask them anything at all wah nails


  1. Wow!
    Those nails look so pretty.
    Thank you for following me, I'm now following you! :)
    Love you're blog!

  2. Aw thank you :) Means a lot as im new to this lol. xx and thanks for following <3 xx Hayley