Saturday, 30 April 2011

My Significant Other .......

 Colour ☺ I am loving O.P.I colours at the min and can not get enough of them every time I pop into town I seem to pick another couple of colours up I just cant help myself. Today I got three new shades and they are
'Significant Other Colour' 'Do you think i'm tex-y' and 'Shorts Story' not only are O.P.I the most amazing colours and dry super quick but they have the most quirky names which I love and right now I am wearing Significant Other Colour and omg I have never seen a colour like this after 2 coats it is incredible purple/pinky colour with hints of blue and green in it and looks completely different in different shades of light

Significant Other Colour, Sooo pretty ☺

Do you think i'm tex-y, really like this once looks different on to the bottle though

Shorts Story such a pretty baby pink really nice

So they are my latest editions which I love, Which O.P.I shades do you own/like? Hope you all have amazing weekend


  1. Lovely post! All such pretty colours! The Do You Think I'm Tex-y is my favourite out of the three!

    I'm wearing OPI Vodka & Caviar on my nails at the moment...such a gorgeous red! I also own the Katy Perry OPI The One That Got Away. I have also tried the Austin-Tatious Turquoise as well. (I have all of these on NOTD posts on my blog if you want to see what they look like!)

    I'd love to get A Grape Fit next...seen that on another blogger's NOTD and I just have to have it! Haha!


  2. Ohh.. i love "shorts story" a really gorgeous colour pink! Might have to get that one, really great summer colour :)
    Great post hun xo

  3. yeah I love Short Storys as well, love msot of OPI shades their names r so cool xx

  4. I love all of those colours, but Shorts Story is one a would totally wear!! :)



  5. yeah it such a gorgeus baby pink and only need 2 coats max xx