Friday, 8 October 2010

Adore Miss Guided Splash Nail Colour :)

Hi Dolls :)

How are you all? So this is just a short blog tonight as really tired so gonna chill and watch some DVDS.
Anyway i got Cosmopolitan Magazine today and with it got afree Miss Guided Nail Splash, I personally have never heard of them before o didn't know what to expect but i made sure i got the Nude shade as i always get bright pinks,Greens, and Reds or dark blck and blue so tought i would go for something very different and the outcome? I love it!!!!

This brandof Nail Splash as it is called is amzing only need one coat or 2 if you like it extra thick and it drys litreally straight away. What Brands of polish are you liking?


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