Monday, 18 October 2010

'Jst wrap her up and rub her on the windows'

Hi Chicks :)

Firstly sorry or lack of blogs this past week I've been very busy at work and the also getting stuff ready head of moving house in Nov, So much to do and the days just fly by before we know it Christmas will be here, I know people will be groaning over that but personally  love Christmas here always seems to be a special kinda smell in he air around Christmas time,i love it going for long walks on crisp winter nights all wrapped up nice and snug, going to Christmas markets,doing Christmas shopping LOVE IT!!

And then I've bee getting back into our Wii which haven't had time to play recently so his weekend me and Nath been making up for lost time, lots of super Mario kart,super mario bros,sing star and wii sports plus the wii fit, forgot how much i loved it, I've see a few blogs with ppl moaning about the wii fit but i enjoy it espec as always not got time to hit gym so it fun 2 put my ipod in the deck and have a hour or so on it in the evenings.

An then just to make the weekend complete on Sunday Desperate Housewives was back! wooohoooo
One of my all time fave shows, before i go any further OMG at Carlos how hot is he looking and SO different, i knew the opener was gonna b amazing as it always is and was disappointed at all, Now can not wait for next episode.

How has ur week/weekend been?
Hope all keping well and i'll do more posts this week



  1. Last weekend I felt so incredibly lazy. I slept more than should be humanly possible. And forced myself to spend some time doing work. I am envious of people when I read about them moving into a new house or apartment. I want to move so badly.

  2. good luck with the move - i hate moving xxxxxx