Monday, 25 October 2010

Weekend of home shopping

Hi Dolls
So this weekend has been a real quiet one tbh not much to blog about really just went shopping to Ikea toget stuff for our new home and got a brand new coffee machine which v excited about as cant funcation without at least 4 cups of coffee in the morning lol.
And then oday got my Best friend Carly coming up2 manchester to stay at ours for the night as tmorrow we off to see westlife haha sad but we love them
So a few things we got fro Ikea

Some cushions for our bed as im cushion mad plus always nicer when chilling in bed watchin a film

I loeThis duvet set just tink it lovely ad colourful and a bit different

Free standing lamp for our front room,love that it shaped like a wine glass

and a couple o these bedside lamps

New dinner set

and new glasses,wine,champagne,pint,ad tumblerswe got

Got loads more as well but will not bore u all with it lol

Taaaa Daaaa this coffee machine ordered online and it was £160 which i think is pretty good as does coffee,espresso shots,cappacinnos.lattes,mochas etc Can not wait to start using it.

How was your weeked?


  1. lovin the lamps!
    Come take a look at my blog if you like ;)

  2. Wow you bought some great items.