Sunday, 3 October 2010

** N.O.T.D**

Son on Saturday i got my Marie Claire Magazine and with it was a Ciate Nail Varnish in a bright vamp red colour wish to start with i wasn't too sure about as i normally like bright pastel colours or blacks and nudes never been over struck on reds, but the packaging and the design of the bottle itself with the cute little bow on it made me give it a go and i was pleasantly surprised, My nails are quite short at the min so thought it may look a bit odd but it didn't and all i needed was one coat and that gave it enough colour and shine where else with some nail varnish's i have to use 2 or 3 coats, This colour is called 'Mission' and in the light can look bright red or in certains lights looks orange, The pics were taken on my Blackberry so not the best quality which i apologise for
See in this light and angle i think they look more orange than the vamp red
And then here think it shows them more red
I love the dainty bow on the bottle think it a really nice extra touch.
If there was one thing i didn't like about it, it would have to be they took a while to dry where i like my normal nail varnish's to be quick drying ones so i can do my other hand straight away with this i had to wait a while. I went on Ciates website to have a look around and have to say i fell in love with the varnish's they have so in the future i will be ordering them online. Also if you love ya magazines like me go and get Marie Claire to get your free Nail Varnish and inside you get a code for 25%  off ya purchase on ciate online!

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  1. The bottle looks so stylish with that ribbon on! these are the small things that make a difference :)

    I'm more of a purple nail polish lover but red vamp sounds kinda cool! although in your photos it does looks a bit orange..