Monday, 11 October 2010

An Update........ WE GOT IT!!!

Hi My Loves

How has your weekend been? Been upto much? This weekend me And Nath had a chilled one friday night and just watched Dexter  ♥ IT!!
Then sat night we had friends over for takeaway and drinks and X factor was a perfect night, Did u see X factor? What make of it?
Then Sunday we nt to view the house and got it straight away we are soo happy it such a lovly house in  gorgeous neighbourhood with a quiant little village but near to city as well. Can not wait to move in, Have spent rest of evening doing to do lists and the lists seem endless ha!



  1. oh this is so cute!! you made an excellent choice :)
    I love the flowers on the wall as well as the front of the house! looks really warm :)

    well my weekend was little bit different from usual..I went up a mountain with my university for an Ecology Lab. It was so cold and windy I might have caught a cold already.. but now that is over I can admit it was fun *

    have a nice day ..waiting for pics from the rest of the house!!

  2. Such a lovely looking house, I'm sure you'll put your own stamp on it in no time! Can't wait to see more :)

    I saw X Factor too, cannot believe F.Y.D went, they had so much potential! Wagner seriously creeps me out...


  3. Thank you girls :)
    Aw wow AnnaMaria that sounds amzin glad u had a good time.
    Michelle OMG he creeps me out as well u can just tell h onna be this years jedward lol, I loved F.Y.D xxxxx