Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sambuca,Sunsets & House Hunting


Hi Chicky's

So this week has been a bit full on since getting back from our relaxing break away been manic with work, and helping my cousins daughter out with her boyfriend problems bless her she only 16 aah young love eh! And then we found out that our landlord is selling up so need to look for a new place to live which is good in a way as we had been talking about moving and decided time for us to get our own house and we have seen one which we have actually fallen head over heels in love with and are viewing it on Sunday! Only problem is now we have got our hopes up just worried we won't get it as other people are viewing it on Sunday and it is actually amazing- Under floor heating,gorgeous decor and bedrooms, and a rain shower and huge bath!
And recently been looking on Ikea website and OMG i could buy the whole store i really could so really hoping we can get this house and then have a good shopping spree in Ikea, Anyone else in love with Ikea?


So whilst we was away I started on Danni Minogues autobiography and already on chapter 15 and i have to say i LOVE it but then i do Love Danni think she is just amazing and so down to earth and beautiful! I have also bought Cheryl Coles book Through My Eyes and i have to say i was a tad disappointed as thought it would be more of an autobiography but it isn't it mainly just a picture book don't get me wrong the pictures are incredible but come on! Want more depth than that in a book. Any of you got these Books?
What do you think?


And then this weekend well on Friday and Saturday night we are seeing friends for a meal on Friday night and then Sat night it is Pink Sambua Night with my Friend Braden & X factor!
You got any Plans? 



  1. Those pillow cases are so cute. My sister has one like that big enough for one of those long pillows.

  2. I love these pictures, I have read the Danni Minogues autobiography, I loved it! haha xxx