Thursday, 11 November 2010

All Moved!

Hey Dolls

Been quiet for the last week or so but as u will all be aware I have moved house with my Boyfriend, we moved on Friday and spent the whole weekend unpacking and chucking boxes out etc! I'm sure all of u who have moved know how bloody stressful it is! So finally glad it over and all setteled in now, and i have to say i love my new house! Beautiful little village we live in and only 15 min drive to the city so best of both worlds the nice quiet village live but the hussle and bustle of the city when we want it.
Then on Saturday one of our neighbours came over to introduce theirselves and invite us to a firework dispaly they all do which we went to ad was nice to meet everyone and from what we know everyone seems very nice and friendly. I shall up load a few pics of the house, what i love most about it is that it v modern but with a vintage 1950s feel mixed in with it with the high ceilings and door frames love it, Very homely.

Hope all of u are keeping well & warm! Been upto much?

Kisses xoxoxo

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  1. ooh it is actually so stylish on it's own! I gotta love the bathroom!! I'm sure you will have lots of great times in this house!