Friday, 19 November 2010

November Update.................

So i've been a bit absent from my blogging recently but am now getting back into it, and been doing this blogging challenge which i will continue to do but i thought i would do a little update :-)

So this month -

We moved in to our new house, stressful time but now setteled in and loving it :) in a quieter part and so nice and peaceful

Been very busy at work, had two weeks off work for our house move so found it har getting back into the swing of things.

Been catching up with my friends which has been so lovely.

Downloading music, been a bit obsessed recently and been on a right old downloading spree.

Been watching old re runs of Dharma and Greg and Monk.

Found out my beautiful cousin Sara is pregnant with her first baby, My best friend in the world is getting married

Been on bit of spending spree with out Avon catalogue gettin lots of bubble baths,shower gels,make up etc

Putting together christmas list for what to get friends and family

Been hooked on I'm a celebrity get me outta here

Loving X factor!

So basically theres my little update! Have missed reading all your blogs, but will defo be doing more from now on! And will continue with the blog challenge


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