Sunday, 21 November 2010

Blog Challenge #6 - List 10 items you can’t go a day without.

So here i continue with the blog challenge 10 things i can't go a day without-

My Blackberry

I'm kind of a little obsessed with my blackberry, I have it on me at all times i love it, especially the BBM function and Ubertwitter keeps me in touch with all my friends.

A Book

I'm a right bookworm and have to say i am very proud of my book collection and can be quite anal about it i have them sorted by author and alphabetical order sad i know but i take pride in my books, Love a good read at the Min I'm Reading James Frey ' A million Little Pieces' and i can not put it down!

My 'Lush' Bath Products

I love the shop Lush, go every other week to top up my supply, and always use them in my baths love how it is all natural ingredients and they smell gorge.

Nail Varnish

Always have Nail Varnish in my handbag :) Just love it

My Purse
Ofc i can't go a day without my purse has all my important cards,and stuff in plus money

My Handbag
Big enough to keep all my stuff in it,small enough for me to just reach inside and find what I'm looking for straight away.

Door Keys

Bottled water
In winter i always seem to get a dry throat so handy to always have bottle water in my bag.

Chewing gum
Always handy to have packets in my bag,keeps breath nice and fresh :)

Always nice to have it handy to keep hair looking nice


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  1. I'm waiting on my copy of A Million Little Pieces to be delivered, really looking forward to reading it! Have you read Bright Shiny Morning by him? It's so good, leaves you on a total cliffhanger too, one of my favourite books :)
    I organise my books in the same way too :P

    Jess xx