Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bog Challenge #7 - List 10 things you can do best

Organising - Love to organise and do it often, with things at home or if we go on trips with friends i love to have a little folder with things to do etc

Being there for my friends and family - Am a very caring person and don't like seeing people down or hurting if anyone has problems I'm the first person they come to I'm a really good listener and always do my best to help people

Cooking - Love cooking and experimenting with different types of food and trying new things out, so nice having friends over for a meal and opening a bottle or 5 of wine hehe

Shopping - HA HA I'm sure I'll get a gold star in shopping love love love it

Buying gifts - For other people of course, love spending money on my nearest and dearest ad always put a lot of thought in my gifts

Swimming - Such a water baby love swimming

Saving Money - Never used to be good at it, but as got older i love saving it for nice holidays away or good old shopping spree

Having a good time - Love being with my friends and family always have good time together

Accessorizing My Outfits - Very good at choosing the right pieces of jewellery to,bags,and shoes to go with an outfit think it's a key part of outfit

Doing peoples make up - Friends always ask me to do their for them when with them

Cheering ppl up - As said before hate seeing people down or upset so will always go out my way to cheer them up


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