Saturday, 27 November 2010

Only 1 word will do and that is ICON!!

Hi Honeys!

Hope you are all well and keeping warm in this freezing freezing cold weather! In England we have had quite a bit of Snow and whilst i like looking at it, don't really like going out in it, I'm not 5 years old anymore and find it bloody annoying if I'm honest! Whats weather like where you are? Snowing?

Anyway this is different kind of blog for me but this week i Have been reading Marilyn Monroe's book and i just think she was amazing and in my eyes the most beautiful woman in the world ever!! Just bloody stunning here are some of my favourite pictures of her.

Amazing picture using all the covers of Vanity Fair i Just love this, so artistic

One of my fave quotes LOVE IT! And say this to every 2 faced person i have ever come across

My all time fave picture of Marilyn just BEAUTIFUL!!

Love it

Beautiful, Love Black and White pictures


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