Thursday, 18 November 2010

Blog Challenge #3 - List 10 relatives you love being with.

Hi Darlins,

So i'm slowly making my way through this blog challenge and hope i finish it as the last one i totally forgot about hehe! Anyway off i go-

  •  Mum & Dad - Because they're my Mum& Dad and i Love them so bloody much!! Plus they have the most amazin sense of humour just like mine v dry which sometimes people don't get and i love how we all find the same thing funny, Plus my Mum is a good drinking partner for me always up for a laugh! Just all round amazing people. xxxxx

  •  Aunt Hilary - Being an only child, I was always round my Aunts with me mum and dad as all very very close so in turn i'm very close to her and her children ( my cousins) Sara and Carl, got some amazing beautiful memories from my childhood involving them all xxxx

  •  My Cousin Emma - From my Dads side, Em is me older cousin by 7 years and growing up we weren't very close just for the fact the age different seemed a lot bigger growing up. But Since 2000 we have been the best of friends i love her so much and she not just my cousin but an amazing friend, she has 3 amazing children who i love aged 14,10, and 4. We always have our mad nights out drinking me and Em and holidays abroad together

  •  Uncle Malcolm - Emmas Dad is an incredible man, very protective of us all and sooo funny will always have us in stiches with laughter! Loves a good drink

  • Uncle Andy - A complete wind up merchant! But lovely man!

  •  Aunt Glenda - LOVE her! an amazing woman and love spending time with her as have so much to catch up on etc

  •  Cousin Darren - My youngest cousin but nnot so young as is now 20 and has grown in2 an amazing young man, so caring and loving and amazing sense of humour! Never has a bad word to say about any1

  •  Cousin Bex - Don't get to see much of her thesedays as she lives in wales, but closet to me in age so will always feel a strong bond with her! Love her and miss her so much! xxxx

  •  Cousin Sara - Hilarys Daughter amazing woman and fab sense of humour, always have fun at christmas getting drunk together and singing on singstar, Now pregnant with her 1st baby sooo bloody happy for her and her partner Neal xx

Ilove all my family and relatives so much, they mean everything to me and in 1 way or another have helped me become the person i am today. overall i have ten cousins and love them all so much such special people. And my grandparents and aunts and uncles etc xxx


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