Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Blog Challenge #1 - 10 people i trust the most

So here goes with this blog challenge, first one is 10 ppl trust the most well sorry to disappoint but there will not be 10 people in this list as it take years to build up complete trust and a second to shatter it so i am very wary.

The people i trust the most-

My amazing Mum and Dad
I have the best parents ever, they are divorced and don't really speak to each other anymore but are so supportive of me and I'm so close to both of them I know i can always confide in them over anything and they will never judge me, Love them both with all my heart.

My gorgeous boyfriend
He is the love of my life and i can tell him everything and anything and know that it will go no further than between me and him! He's just wonderful xxxxxxxxxxx

My beautiful Best Friend

Love this girl to pieces been best friends since we were 3 grown up together and been through so much together, So many amazing incredible times together and theres nothing we cant tell each other, know everything about her and she knows everything about me xxxxxxxxxxx

My Lamb

My male best friend i adore him and love him so much, he my rock and can confide in him and know he will always keep my secrets and be there for me no matter what as i am for him.

So there we have it, told u it wouldn't be 10 but obviously there are more people i trust BUT not completely where else with these i trust 100000000% 

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