Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Blog Challenge #2 - List 10 movies you never get tired of watching.

So blog #2 of the challenge is 10 movies you never get tired of watching so here i go

Dirty Dancing

One of my all time films, the ultimate chick flick Have watched this film probablee over 1,000 times and i love it more and more.

Pretty Woman

Probablee my all time fave film love it soo much and without doubt a perfect sunday film chilling on the couch with sweeties and ya duvet!


Loved this film ever since i was a little kid, always remember watching it for first time with my Mum and have loved it ever since, see it as mine and Mums film as on a sunday we'll go out for a meal and then back to mums to chill on sofa make popcorn and watch Annie.

Green Mile

An amazing film, real tear jerker

Home Alone 2

Aww i LOVE this film, Me and Nath always seem to watch this maybe every month at least once sounds mad i know but it is such a feel good film! Especially round christmas time just love it

Father Of The Bride 2 & Father of The Bride

Know they old films but they are timeless classics and love them

Forrest Gump

Love it, such a sweet film


Beautiful film

As Good As It Gets

Such a funny film! Love Love Love it!

Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers

Love both this films, Howled with laughter watchin them both.

So theres my 10 i found it a lot harder than first thought as there were so many more i added but these were my top 10.
What are yours?

Kisses H xxxxx


  1. So many of these films remind me of my childhood days! (Pretty Woman, Home Alone, Ghost). I haven't been much of a movie buff for the past few years and don't remember many from the previous years, but the last few I enjoyed (from the top of my head) are Inglorious Bastards, Avatar, The Bucket List, Time Traveller's Wife and How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days :)

  2. Thanx for following shall follow u back! Havnt seen Inglorious bastards yet want to tho, is it good yeah? Aw love the Bucket List lovely film and funny in placesxx