Saturday, 27 November 2010

Only 1 word will do and that is ICON!!

Hi Honeys!

Hope you are all well and keeping warm in this freezing freezing cold weather! In England we have had quite a bit of Snow and whilst i like looking at it, don't really like going out in it, I'm not 5 years old anymore and find it bloody annoying if I'm honest! Whats weather like where you are? Snowing?

Anyway this is different kind of blog for me but this week i Have been reading Marilyn Monroe's book and i just think she was amazing and in my eyes the most beautiful woman in the world ever!! Just bloody stunning here are some of my favourite pictures of her.

Amazing picture using all the covers of Vanity Fair i Just love this, so artistic

One of my fave quotes LOVE IT! And say this to every 2 faced person i have ever come across

My all time fave picture of Marilyn just BEAUTIFUL!!

Love it

Beautiful, Love Black and White pictures


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bog Challenge #7 - List 10 things you can do best

Organising - Love to organise and do it often, with things at home or if we go on trips with friends i love to have a little folder with things to do etc

Being there for my friends and family - Am a very caring person and don't like seeing people down or hurting if anyone has problems I'm the first person they come to I'm a really good listener and always do my best to help people

Cooking - Love cooking and experimenting with different types of food and trying new things out, so nice having friends over for a meal and opening a bottle or 5 of wine hehe

Shopping - HA HA I'm sure I'll get a gold star in shopping love love love it

Buying gifts - For other people of course, love spending money on my nearest and dearest ad always put a lot of thought in my gifts

Swimming - Such a water baby love swimming

Saving Money - Never used to be good at it, but as got older i love saving it for nice holidays away or good old shopping spree

Having a good time - Love being with my friends and family always have good time together

Accessorizing My Outfits - Very good at choosing the right pieces of jewellery to,bags,and shoes to go with an outfit think it's a key part of outfit

Doing peoples make up - Friends always ask me to do their for them when with them

Cheering ppl up - As said before hate seeing people down or upset so will always go out my way to cheer them up


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Little Miss BookWorm

So then dolls on one of my previous blogs i was saying how i love reading and am pretty anal about my book collection, so i thought why not do a post about my books and put some pictures up but before i continue must say they were taken on my blackberry so not great quality and as recently moved it is not the whole of my book collection only 'my faves' so to say. Love nothing more than curling up on the sofa and having a good read some of my favourite authors are - Jodi Picoult,Jill Mansell,Dorothy Koomson,Adele Parks and James Frey,Also at the min i am getting into Jonathon Kellerman and Patricia Cornwell loving the mystery psychological thrillers at the min.

Some Of My Books

    Jill Mansall - Love all of her books and have read most of them, love how can get totally wrapped up in them complete girlie books with a good old twist.

Jodi Picoult - Only got in2 her books recently and i have to say at first i struggled with them found them quite hard to get in to but once i overcame that i really do love them,they keep u hanging on till the very last page and can be quite dark in places.

Dorothy Koomson - Such moving books, her first one My Best Friends Girl was a real tearjerker i found as was Goodnight Beautiful but find her books beautifully written.

Adele Parks - Haven't read one of her books in a while but i always find them a good feel read and love how u can relate to the characters in her books, always a good read.

So theres my blog, any other book worms out there? Any good book recommendations? Which authors do you like?


Sunday, 21 November 2010

Blog Challenge #6 - List 10 items you can’t go a day without.

So here i continue with the blog challenge 10 things i can't go a day without-

My Blackberry

I'm kind of a little obsessed with my blackberry, I have it on me at all times i love it, especially the BBM function and Ubertwitter keeps me in touch with all my friends.

A Book

I'm a right bookworm and have to say i am very proud of my book collection and can be quite anal about it i have them sorted by author and alphabetical order sad i know but i take pride in my books, Love a good read at the Min I'm Reading James Frey ' A million Little Pieces' and i can not put it down!

My 'Lush' Bath Products

I love the shop Lush, go every other week to top up my supply, and always use them in my baths love how it is all natural ingredients and they smell gorge.

Nail Varnish

Always have Nail Varnish in my handbag :) Just love it

My Purse
Ofc i can't go a day without my purse has all my important cards,and stuff in plus money

My Handbag
Big enough to keep all my stuff in it,small enough for me to just reach inside and find what I'm looking for straight away.

Door Keys

Bottled water
In winter i always seem to get a dry throat so handy to always have bottle water in my bag.

Chewing gum
Always handy to have packets in my bag,keeps breath nice and fresh :)

Always nice to have it handy to keep hair looking nice


Friday, 19 November 2010

Blog Challenge #5 - List 10 songs you can’t stop listening to

So i have a real wide taste in music anything from classical ( some of it) to Guns and Roses to westlife to Sam cooke lol. But i love havin a open mind when it comes to music if it a good song then i'll love it.

So here are the 10 songs i can't stop listening to at the min

  •  Mcfly Ft Taio Cruz - Shine a Light
  • Shayne Ward - Goota B SomeBody
  • Bryan Adams- Summer Of 69
  • Sam Cooke - Chain Gang
  • Munford & Sons - Little Lion Man
  • Bob Marley -Buffalo Soilder
  • Eminem ft Lil Wayne- No Love
  • Plan B - Prayin
  • Adele - Make you feel my Love
  • Van Morrison - Mama said

What are you all listening to a lot at the min?


November Update.................

So i've been a bit absent from my blogging recently but am now getting back into it, and been doing this blogging challenge which i will continue to do but i thought i would do a little update :-)

So this month -

We moved in to our new house, stressful time but now setteled in and loving it :) in a quieter part and so nice and peaceful

Been very busy at work, had two weeks off work for our house move so found it har getting back into the swing of things.

Been catching up with my friends which has been so lovely.

Downloading music, been a bit obsessed recently and been on a right old downloading spree.

Been watching old re runs of Dharma and Greg and Monk.

Found out my beautiful cousin Sara is pregnant with her first baby, My best friend in the world is getting married

Been on bit of spending spree with out Avon catalogue gettin lots of bubble baths,shower gels,make up etc

Putting together christmas list for what to get friends and family

Been hooked on I'm a celebrity get me outta here

Loving X factor!

So basically theres my little update! Have missed reading all your blogs, but will defo be doing more from now on! And will continue with the blog challenge


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Blog Challenge #3 - List 10 relatives you love being with.

Hi Darlins,

So i'm slowly making my way through this blog challenge and hope i finish it as the last one i totally forgot about hehe! Anyway off i go-

  •  Mum & Dad - Because they're my Mum& Dad and i Love them so bloody much!! Plus they have the most amazin sense of humour just like mine v dry which sometimes people don't get and i love how we all find the same thing funny, Plus my Mum is a good drinking partner for me always up for a laugh! Just all round amazing people. xxxxx

  •  Aunt Hilary - Being an only child, I was always round my Aunts with me mum and dad as all very very close so in turn i'm very close to her and her children ( my cousins) Sara and Carl, got some amazing beautiful memories from my childhood involving them all xxxx

  •  My Cousin Emma - From my Dads side, Em is me older cousin by 7 years and growing up we weren't very close just for the fact the age different seemed a lot bigger growing up. But Since 2000 we have been the best of friends i love her so much and she not just my cousin but an amazing friend, she has 3 amazing children who i love aged 14,10, and 4. We always have our mad nights out drinking me and Em and holidays abroad together

  •  Uncle Malcolm - Emmas Dad is an incredible man, very protective of us all and sooo funny will always have us in stiches with laughter! Loves a good drink

  • Uncle Andy - A complete wind up merchant! But lovely man!

  •  Aunt Glenda - LOVE her! an amazing woman and love spending time with her as have so much to catch up on etc

  •  Cousin Darren - My youngest cousin but nnot so young as is now 20 and has grown in2 an amazing young man, so caring and loving and amazing sense of humour! Never has a bad word to say about any1

  •  Cousin Bex - Don't get to see much of her thesedays as she lives in wales, but closet to me in age so will always feel a strong bond with her! Love her and miss her so much! xxxx

  •  Cousin Sara - Hilarys Daughter amazing woman and fab sense of humour, always have fun at christmas getting drunk together and singing on singstar, Now pregnant with her 1st baby sooo bloody happy for her and her partner Neal xx

Ilove all my family and relatives so much, they mean everything to me and in 1 way or another have helped me become the person i am today. overall i have ten cousins and love them all so much such special people. And my grandparents and aunts and uncles etc xxx


Blog Challenge #3 - 10 Tv Shows you miss from your Childhood

Here is challenge 3 of the Blogging Challenge, Hope some of you are doing it as well be really good see some your answers!

Sister Sister

Saved By The Bell

Hang Time

Two Of A Kind

Sweet Valley High

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Kenan And Kel

The Crosby Show

Dharma And Greg

HeartBreak High

Party Of Five

So there is my list i adored all of these shows, even now i have every season of Party Of Five on dvd which i still watch, My faves were Sister Sister,Party Of Five and Hang Time. What are yours?


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Blog Challenge #2 - List 10 movies you never get tired of watching.

So blog #2 of the challenge is 10 movies you never get tired of watching so here i go

Dirty Dancing

One of my all time films, the ultimate chick flick Have watched this film probablee over 1,000 times and i love it more and more.

Pretty Woman

Probablee my all time fave film love it soo much and without doubt a perfect sunday film chilling on the couch with sweeties and ya duvet!


Loved this film ever since i was a little kid, always remember watching it for first time with my Mum and have loved it ever since, see it as mine and Mums film as on a sunday we'll go out for a meal and then back to mums to chill on sofa make popcorn and watch Annie.

Green Mile

An amazing film, real tear jerker

Home Alone 2

Aww i LOVE this film, Me and Nath always seem to watch this maybe every month at least once sounds mad i know but it is such a feel good film! Especially round christmas time just love it

Father Of The Bride 2 & Father of The Bride

Know they old films but they are timeless classics and love them

Forrest Gump

Love it, such a sweet film


Beautiful film

As Good As It Gets

Such a funny film! Love Love Love it!

Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers

Love both this films, Howled with laughter watchin them both.

So theres my 10 i found it a lot harder than first thought as there were so many more i added but these were my top 10.
What are yours?

Kisses H xxxxx