Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Balcony With A View

Hey Everyone, hope all is well with you all? Had a good week and weekend? As I said was away for the week went back down south to see family and friends and nwo got loads of blog posts to do, today I came back home and chilled with Nath and caught up on me fave blogs and you tube channels which was nice. Had such lovely time back home done lots of shopping got some new benefit make up which will blog about soon. But as it been a gorge day again today thought I would share with you some pictures from when went to see my Aunt for the day she has the most beautiful cottage in the countryside with a stream running through the backk of her garden and on Thursday the weather was beautiful so me and mum went down there for the day and done lots of drinking wine and beer in the garden and sunbathing oh and fed this most beautiful swan what came up.

How stunning is the sunset? Was quite magical just sitting there sipping wine watching it set! Couldn't stop taking pictures.

Whats new with you all? Enjoying the sunshine?



  1. Gorgeous photos! I'm loving the sunshine, I hope we get lots more next week :)

  2. Stuuning pics, glad you had a wonderful time xx

  3. Oh my god, absolutely beautiful photos Hayley, looks like paradise x

  4. I love the sunset photo! :)

  5. Thanks girls, hope all is well with u all xxxx

  6. Beautiful! Such stunning photos!