Thursday, 14 April 2011

Catch Up Time ......

So I don't know about any of you but this week the weather has been awful so cold and windy! Not impressed bring back the beautiful sunny weather from last week I say! *Does a sun dance* I haven't done as many blogs as I thought I would of done since I've been back as I have got myself another job where I am writing articles about American brands of make up for an online company to go in the SEO for them which I was well chuffed about when I got approached by them to do it, So I have be coming in and then cracking on with the articles but will try and do some more posts over the weekend I'm sure plus still busy getting back onto a routine from my time at me Mum and Dads.But I have had time to pop into Top shop and buy some new jewellery I love the jewellery they do in there.

Leaf studded neacklace and matching bracelet I love these 2 items so cute, and dainty Apple necklace which have been wearing all the time.

I saw this as was walking out and had to rush back and get it I love how it just a bit of silky fabric but then got the skull in the middle love it.

And then these 2 dainty little bracelets thought they were quite cute.

I have been trying to cut back on my spending bu finding it quite hard plus i have seen this gorgeous polka dot beige sheer top in Oasis which think needs to be hanging up in my wardrobe.And i have become obsesses with Models Own Sophies Pink Nail Varnish such a lovely bright pink colour.

Also I need your help on something It is Naths 30th next month and I am struggling on what to get him we off to Dublin for 4 nights and i'm paying for the hotel as part the present but obviously want something for him to unwrap, I was thinking a keep sake like a nice chain from Links Of London as seen they do a ncie mens collection but i'm not sure, Suggestions more than welcome pleaseeeee? Also if any1 can recomeend any fab resturants to eat in whilst in Dublin that would be amazing! Thanks.



  1. Congrats with your new job!

    And I love topshop jewellery - I owned the last bracelet, until it broke/fell off!!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  2. Love the jewelry, I would suggest maybe a gadgety type thing? men like that :)
    izzy xx