Friday, 1 April 2011

March Summery

As said in previous post still can't believe we are in April already March has gone sooo fast and I am doing this blog now as in the morning I am going back down to Kent to see family and friends and won't be back till 10th and not going to take laptop as just to heavy and my blackberry has broke and not getting it back for 2 weeks so won't be on twitter or blogger till get back but if u wish u can add me on facebook here .
So this Month I have

+ Bought way too Many Models Own Nail Polishs ☺
+ Taken lovely walks in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens ☺
+ Done lots of Gardening ☺
+ Sat in Garden and done some cloud watching ☺
+ Mowed the lawn and laid the barkin and pebbles down around the edge of our patio area ☺
+ Got very excited over the Spring and Summer ☺
+ Bought lots of eyeshadows ☺
+Decided I want a tattoo but not sure what or where, (suggestions welcome)
+Read 4 books ☺
+Told myself I would not watch Katie Prices new show then found myself sitting there watching it whislt moaning about watching it ☺
+ Watched lots of films with my Nath ☺
+ Had the yummiest breakfast in Giraffe ☺
+Been excited to get a cute plastic Giraffe in my smoothie ha ☺
+ Tidied our bedroom and rearranged it only to put it back to how it was ☺
+ Watched lots and lots of episodes of Monk me and Nath LOVE the show Tony Shaloub is a genius! If you havn't seen it before it is a must.☺
+ Got some new tops ☺
+Painted my nails a new colour litreally every couple of days ☺
+ Watched lots of re runs of Cold Feet ☺
+LOVING Kourtney+Kim take New York and Hollys World oh and Kimora life in the fab lane - LOVE reality shows ☺
+Taken lots of pictures especially of the sky on a summers night ☺
+Laughed lots with Nath ☺
+ Made yummy stuffed mushrooms ☺
+ Got nasty blisters on my heels from walking for ages and my timberlands rubbed :( ouch ☺
+Watched lots of Criminal Minds one of our fave shows ☺
+Experimented more with a brighter blusher ☺
+Had nice cold pint of Cider in hotel bar with Nath ☺

Sky on a summers evening,Monk,Stuffed Mushrooms with tomato,onion,pepper,chilli topped with breadcumbs and parmesancheese, Models Own Champagne

Models Own Utopia,Scrambled egg with Chorizo on muffin in Giraffe,Giddy Giraffe Smoothie (
Papaya, fresh mint, banana, orange, lime juice) so tasty in giraffe, Naths pint and my cider

So thats my little round up of March obviously done lots more but would be one long post if put everything in lol.
What have you all been upto in march? Any plans for April? All keeping well? As said I won't be on twitter or blogging till 10th as blackberry broke and waiting for it to be fixed and sent back and not taking laptop away so have replacement phone but feel free to add me on facebook!

Have a good weekend everyone



  1. i need one of those mushrooms on my plate right now. yumm

  2. They were pretty yummy if I say so myself! Haave a good weekend hun xx

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  4. Lovely blog! I like those nailpolish colors and that food! I hope we can follow each other, I just followed you! Ciao from Italy =)

  5. im hungry!!!
    nice blog :)
    im your new follower waiting to be followed back by you :)

  6. ♥Love your blog♥