Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Loves And Dislikes

Loves ♡

The beautiful weather we had last week, so nice sitting outside with a glass of wine catching some sun 

View from fields behind my aunts cottage

My new Handbag I love it at first i was going to get it in black but have so many black bags plus i am obsessed with over sized bags gives me more of a chance to fit everything in! Although now takes me twice as long to find anything.

Yankee Candle- I have had a few of these in the past then last week my cousin gave me this huge  Clean Cotton one and I think along with Beach Walk it is my fave.

Benefit High Beam Complexion Enhancer - This is without a doubt a god send I love it been using it every day and gives my cheekbones a real nice glow, I thought it was going to be real sticky but dries so quick love it.

Benefit Creaseless shadow/liner in Flatter Me and Get Figgy - I never used to like cream shadows until i came across these 2 and now i am hooked they are so easy to apply just glide on, and last all day long really nice as a liner as well.

The return of Desperate Housewives tonight- Woooohooooo I can NOT wait LOVE this programme soo much I swear it just keeps getting better and better!


Horrible Cold Weather - So last week we have beautiful hot sunny days and now this week all over cast and rainy! NOT Impressed

People who constantly put others down and tell them they can NOT do things or won't achieve anything, I mean where do they get off? Concentrate on your own lives!

Trolley Rage - OMG I don't know if it is just me but i can not stand it when go into a supermarket and you get some people whoapperently do NOT have a clue how to push a trolley and are constantly ramming into you or stopping dead in front of you! Annoys the hell out of me!

So there we have my Loves and Dislikes at the min, I am also having a little sale of some Models Own Nail Varnish's and a Benefit Hoola Bronzer which i don't want so can check it out here . How has your week been? What are you loving and disliking at the min?

Also few songs I've on repeat on my ipod at the min are - Bryan Adams - Summer of 69, Sam Cooke- Chain Gang, Bob Marley - Buffalo Solider,  Know they all oldies but love them and can never get bored of them in my eyes. What you listening to?



  1. Totallly agree about trolley rage, especially those who see someone they know and stop in the middle of an aisle and nobody can get past...and people with prams who think they own the pavement because they have a child!
    haha sorry rant over!
    clean cotton yankee candles are my absolute favourite : especially for summer time xx

  2. OMG i know tell me about it i'm sure their mentality is ' sod every1 else I have a pram they can wait' so bloody annoying, I swear i am on a verge of a nervous breakdown everytime i leave a supermarket haha xxx

  3. i agree with trolley rage too! I was in sainsburys today and this stupid old lady had her trolley blocking the entrance of the aisle! SO ANNOYING!

    And I may have to start watching Desperate Housewives tonight...!


  4. Oh god there is nothing worse!! and then they look at you as if u are in the wrong! xx

  5. Nice to see Benefit's creaseless creams get a mention, i absolutely love them, they last for ages, i still haven't even made a dent in mine :)

  6. I've used cream shadows before and I always have a hard time with it smearing. do you have that problem too? I love high beam! It is seriously so good when you want a glowy look!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  7. No i havnt had a problem with these ones smearing but with others in the past I have yes. OMG i love High beam it is amazing xx