Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Picks Of The Month.....

☛ L'OREAL Roll on true match foundation in Vanilla Rose is amazing I get such good even coverage with this and especiallyu love the little roller you get with it, real light feeling as well, will deffo be buying again

 ☛ Benefit 'You Rebel' My friend Laura had been going on about this tinted moisturizer for agees so when i needed one I decided I would go for this and now i know why she had been praising it for sooo long, I love Benefit anyway and so glad this is not a let down.

☛ Carmex Lip Balms I have 2 of these as I have one in 2 of my day time bags but have to say much prefer the cherry one to mint, these are the best lip balms around in my eyes plus they are sp15 which is a plus

☛ Benefit Benetint is an amazing lip and cheek stain giving a nice rosey colour.
☛ Benefit That Gal is a primer i have been losing for the last month and has been the best one I have used so far
☛Benefit Girl Meets Pearl is a highlighter I got last week and I am using it for nights out as gives a nice sheer pinky colour to apples of cheeks
☛ Benefit High Beam is my day to day highlighter and everyone I know who uses it loves it as much as I do.

 ☛ Benefit lipstick in Mod Squad a nice dark pink shade which is so smooth and silky
☛Benefit Lipgloss Foxy Lady fab for a night out as lots of glitter in it

☛ O.P.I in Mod Hatter Takes at least 3 coats for a nice coffee like shade which I love or 2 coats for a sheer shimmer.
☛ O.P.I in Koala Bear-y a nice vibrant pink shade which I am loving in this hot weather
☛ Bourjois in Beige Glamour have been wearing this dusky pink to work a lot I love it
☛Bourjois in Bleu Asphaite just love this shade

☛ Benefit 'Gimme Me Some Plum' Just love this nice shade of purple especially in this weather and so smoft and smooth to apply
☛ Garnier Roll On Aww this is my second one already and I just love these especially when staring at computer screen all day long I always use these at night as well as giving my eyes a few sprays of Optrex Acti Mist eye spray just to help my eyes feel better.

So they are my Picks of the month, what are yours? Share them with me :-)



  1. i never tried loreals roll on foundation. it looks cool. :) i guess you love benefit items :D

    thank you for sharing! :D

  2. It's really good, and good coverage as well, haha yes a little obsessed with benefit xx

  3. I love these picks! Love all the Benefit ones, Highbeam and Benetint! xxx

  4. thanks, yeah U can not go wrong with Benefit x