Monday, 11 April 2011

Pucker Up

As I said on my previous post I recently popped in to Fenwicks to get some new Benefit make up and I have had a couple of their lipsticks before but never lip gloss I ended up buying two and then my Mum treated me to two as well and I have to say I love them, so shiny and glossy and the applicater is very small so can be very precisie when applying and not a chance of getting any above the lip etc, once they are applied they not sticky at all which I love as there is nothing worse than getting a mouthful of hair getting stuck to ya lips where the gloss is so sticky the four colours I got are Foxy Lady, Life on the A List,Who are you wearing? and Back to Fuschia, such fab fun names as well.

Nearest to Furthest away - Life on the A List,who are you wearing? Foxy Lady and Back to Fuschia.

I love how tiny the brush is so can get a nice precise application of the gloss and again the packaging and names are just so cute! my one I am using for every day to day is life on the A list as kind of a nudey colour with a nice shimmer in it, then i'm loving back to fuschia for a night out as quite a bright pink with lots of sparkle in it.

And then when i got back home I had a lovely suprise in my flower bed with them all coming out to bloom, obviously loving the sunny weather as much as us so thought would share a pic of one with you all

What glosses or lipsticks do you like? How is your week going?



  1. So jel haha wish my mum would buy me lots of Benefit! I need to work on my persuasion skills for when we next go shopping...! xxx

  2. haha trust me it not like my mum at all I must of been in her good books lol xx

  3. Awh I would love to try benefit glosses! :o) these colours look gorge :o) xxx

  4. I have Life on the A List and I love it! Woullove to try more colours :) xox

  5. Foxy lady is lush! Beautiful flower, i love finding a new flower in my flower beds :)


  6. Back to the fushcia is one of my favourite lipglosses EVER! xx

  7. :0 They are gorgeous! Foxy Lady is beautiful, they all look so pretty and sparkly though!
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