Monday, 11 April 2011

Benefit Haul

On my week back down at me parents I done the mistake of popping into Fenwicks and splurging out on some Benefit make up I was meant to be saving up but thought oh well treat yaself and loving the products I got Especially the Sugarbomb blusher it is amazing been using it every day since got it and gives my cheeks a nice flushed look just the right amount so don't look like a clown, also got the Hoola Bronzer which i have not used yet and some lipglosses,eyeshadows, primer and the high beam Luminescent complexion highlighter which is a tad bit amazing and then when i got to mums she had treated me to Coralista blusher,Play Sticks cream to powder foundation in Paper Dolls and the Mascera and eyeliner which was lovely of her.

l-r Coralista and Sugar Bomb
 I love the sugar bomb at first wasn't too sure as has 4 diffferent shades in but once u sweep the brush over all of it, gives such a lovely flushed look. Not tried Coralista out but love the colour of it when swatched it on my hand and mum uses it as well and always looks really nice on her, fingers crossed it looks ok for me

This is so nice, and has such a lovely smell to it but not overpowering i love the little holes so you can either put as much on as you like or just a little bit plus reminds me of when i used to play with play dough and you could make the spaghetti with it haha! Has left my skin feeling sooo smooth and soft and a hell of a lot easier to apply my foundation to it in the mornings will deffo be buying this again when runs out.

These little cuties are the eyeshades and l-r they are Bikini Line,Rich Beach and Gimme Some Plum and they are the smoothest silkest shadows i have ever used, just glide on my eye lids and have to say stay there for the whole dayvery impressed with them.

My mum treated me to these little gems and they are cream creaseless shadows and liners and i think i am in love with them especially the get figgy which is a beautiful deep purple, have been using them just as shadows at the min but will deffo get my liner brush out and give them a try.

This is my foundation in Paper Dolls and is a cream to powder foundation and is soo easy to apply, I thoght might be a bit creamy still once on but litreally as soon as touches skin goes to powder and so light so doesnt feel like my skin is all clogged up love it.

What I love most about benefit apart from the quality of their products is the packaging it is soo cute! Will do the lipglosses on another post.

What are your fave fail/safe make up products you are loving at the min?



  1. Coralista's one of my favourite blushes :) I really want to try Sugarbomb too it looks gorgeous! xx

  2. looks amazing! i want the hoola one too... :)


  3. wow nice haul, i LOVE coralista one of my fave blushes and really wanna try sugarbomb. everytme im at a benefit counter i have to swatch get figy its such a lovely colour i might have to get it son, and those shadows look gorgeous, especially rich beach


  4. ooh, looks like a lovely haul :) I really want to try sugarbomb! xxx

  5. very nice haul. i love benefit products are always nice!
    the sugar bomb looks amazing! and the eye shadows just seem like the would work real nice! i can't wait to see the lip glosses!

    my favorite product right now is
    the ice cream cake blush by MAC. i've had it for only three days but i am SO obsessed.

  6. heyy, yeh i would love to, how much? i do used twitter sometimes i need to really get into the swing of it, im onfacebook a lot though so if you can find me on there "hayley campbell" then ll accpet you :) or email :D xx