Friday, 22 April 2011

☺ NOTD - O.P.I 'Green-Wich Village

So as I have said in previous blogs how much I love Models Own nail varnishs but have to say none of the ones I havn't got don't really take my fancy so I was in town yesterday and decided to try out O.P.I and got ' Make Love and Mod Hatter and ♥  them so today i got some more and got 'Green-wich Village,'Charged up Cherry and 'Koala Berry. In the past i havn't really liked green nail varnishs as none have really suited me but this Green-wich Village is so nice and really summer colour that as soon as i got in i put it on and only needed 2 coats

Excuse the smudges I took it whilst still drying and hadn't got my smudge eraser to it yet
 I love how vibrant and glossy the shade is, doesn't dry as quick as Models Own but for the colour and how shiny it has turned out I shall forgive it. What shades are you liking at the min? Any O.P.I colours u like?

Hope you all enjoying this beautiful weather ☀



  1. Remind me of the green from the "Who the Shreck are you?" collection :)
    Cute :)
    Pages of Tray

  2. Ooooh I love the colour, never think to go for green!

  3. Thanks Tray, and no me neither Sophie but there was something about this one what caught my eye! Have a good weekend xx

  4. I can't believe how shiny it is. Proper summery colour- love it xxx

  5. Thanks Ray so shiny isn't it xxxx

  6. Im not a huge green fan either but bought this one and really like it. Another good green from O.P.I is 'Jade is the New Black'.