Saturday, 30 April 2011

My Significant Other .......

 Colour ☺ I am loving O.P.I colours at the min and can not get enough of them every time I pop into town I seem to pick another couple of colours up I just cant help myself. Today I got three new shades and they are
'Significant Other Colour' 'Do you think i'm tex-y' and 'Shorts Story' not only are O.P.I the most amazing colours and dry super quick but they have the most quirky names which I love and right now I am wearing Significant Other Colour and omg I have never seen a colour like this after 2 coats it is incredible purple/pinky colour with hints of blue and green in it and looks completely different in different shades of light

Significant Other Colour, Sooo pretty ☺

Do you think i'm tex-y, really like this once looks different on to the bottle though

Shorts Story such a pretty baby pink really nice

So they are my latest editions which I love, Which O.P.I shades do you own/like? Hope you all have amazing weekend

Friday, 29 April 2011

Few Snaps From The Last Week ....

♥ New BourJois eyeshadow from the depuise 1863 range numbers 02 & 04 nice bright shades for summer
♥ O.P.I 'And This Little Piggy' 'Blue My Mind'
♥ O.P.I 'Linken Park After Dark ( a dark cherry colour) and 'Lady In Black'
♥ Sushi Time wooohooo
♥Playing Monopoly with Nath and Family and then attempting to cheat when I was losing haha
♥ New book I have started it is a psychological thriller and sounds amazing
♥ Notd on Weds was Rimmels Apricot Punch which when dry apperently it smelt of apricots but i couldn't smell it.

And now for another 4 day weekend yaaay!! ♥ Have yo got any plans or doing anything for the Royal Wedding? We going to a street party so gotta be there for 9am seems so odd having street party at 9am but I have a lot of time for Prince William seems such a nice lad and does so much for charity. can't even begin to imagine how nervous Kate must be though! OMG.

Enjoy ya weekend everyone what ever you do


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

In A Teenage Dream I Bet It Is Like The Movies

Haha sorry for stupid title but today I got the Katy Perry collection for O.P.I and have already tried out Teenage Dream which I love I prefer this to any of the glitter varnishs I already have so sparkly and pink and seems a lot more easier toget off than say Models Own Juicy Jules which took forever in the end and this is just which 2 coats on and I love it

And the second one I have tried is Not Like The Movies and it is described as a sulky silver but omg i love it got nice subtle glitter flicks in it and the most amazing shades or green and purple which in different lights really shows off like dfferent angles you may have you hand the colour looks completely differernt and again this is with two coats and I love it

What shades are you wearing at the min?

Picks Of The Month.....

☛ L'OREAL Roll on true match foundation in Vanilla Rose is amazing I get such good even coverage with this and especiallyu love the little roller you get with it, real light feeling as well, will deffo be buying again

 ☛ Benefit 'You Rebel' My friend Laura had been going on about this tinted moisturizer for agees so when i needed one I decided I would go for this and now i know why she had been praising it for sooo long, I love Benefit anyway and so glad this is not a let down.

☛ Carmex Lip Balms I have 2 of these as I have one in 2 of my day time bags but have to say much prefer the cherry one to mint, these are the best lip balms around in my eyes plus they are sp15 which is a plus

☛ Benefit Benetint is an amazing lip and cheek stain giving a nice rosey colour.
☛ Benefit That Gal is a primer i have been losing for the last month and has been the best one I have used so far
☛Benefit Girl Meets Pearl is a highlighter I got last week and I am using it for nights out as gives a nice sheer pinky colour to apples of cheeks
☛ Benefit High Beam is my day to day highlighter and everyone I know who uses it loves it as much as I do.

 ☛ Benefit lipstick in Mod Squad a nice dark pink shade which is so smooth and silky
☛Benefit Lipgloss Foxy Lady fab for a night out as lots of glitter in it

☛ O.P.I in Mod Hatter Takes at least 3 coats for a nice coffee like shade which I love or 2 coats for a sheer shimmer.
☛ O.P.I in Koala Bear-y a nice vibrant pink shade which I am loving in this hot weather
☛ Bourjois in Beige Glamour have been wearing this dusky pink to work a lot I love it
☛Bourjois in Bleu Asphaite just love this shade

☛ Benefit 'Gimme Me Some Plum' Just love this nice shade of purple especially in this weather and so smoft and smooth to apply
☛ Garnier Roll On Aww this is my second one already and I just love these especially when staring at computer screen all day long I always use these at night as well as giving my eyes a few sprays of Optrex Acti Mist eye spray just to help my eyes feel better.

So they are my Picks of the month, what are yours? Share them with me :-)


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter ....

Hope you are all having a wonderful and eating plenty of chocolate. Today we got our families round for a bbq and chilling in the garden whilst Nathan's Nephews and niece do the little easter egg hunt we have done for them. Another beautiful day chilling in the garden drinking cider,Had to laugh this morning we both said we would get each other just one egg and ended up getting each other the exact some one 'great minds think alike' and all that eh!

Beautiful Blossom tree at bottom of our garden
Pretty Tulip all on it own
I love Bluebells
The same eggs we got each other haha


☺ All Things Lush

My Beautiful flowers Nathan suprised me with on Friday i love them ☺

Popped into Primark on Saturday to get some bits and pieces and found these and fell in love with them I love the polka dots design and the cute bow on the front and I have to say they are so comfy to walk in, normally I come out of Primark with loads but I only got those wedges,2 t-shirts and a night shirt Am i getting sensible? ha Doubt it

Got few more melts and Ballistics from Lush ( will do a separate post about them soon)

Got few more bits from the benefit counter including this highlighter 'Girl Meets Pearls' which is such a lovely pinkish colour fab for night out I also have the High beam which i use for day wear

And two new Lipsticks 'Mod Squad and Pinking Of You'

Also the little clutch bag from my previous blog I have now decided to use as a make up bag as a bit bigger and like it as quirky ☺

Got some New O.P.I Shades L-R Green-Wich Village,Koala Bear-y,Charged Up Cherry,Make Love & Mod Hatter

So there a few pictures from the past week. Hope you all had a lovely week, been upto much? Purchased anything recently? Hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday whatever you do! We have got my parents and Nathans parents and his sister and her husband round for dinner and drinks so be nice to catch up with everyone.


Saturday, 23 April 2011

☺ When The Sun Has His Hat On ☀

☺ Cloud watching
☺Going for a meal at Harvesters, hadn't been to a Harvesters in years was so nice
☺OOTD for a trip into town for spot of shopping
☺LOVE this Tinted moisturizer
☺New O.P.I Nail Varnish's in Green-Wich Village,Koala Bear-y and Charged up cherry
☺ NOTD O.P.I Koala Bear-y
☺ Little summer clutch bag from Primark still not sure wether to use as bag or a make up bag or something
☺Benefit Lip and Cheek tint

Have you all had a good week?
Any plans for easter?


Friday, 22 April 2011

☺ NOTD - O.P.I 'Green-Wich Village

So as I have said in previous blogs how much I love Models Own nail varnishs but have to say none of the ones I havn't got don't really take my fancy so I was in town yesterday and decided to try out O.P.I and got ' Make Love and Mod Hatter and ♥  them so today i got some more and got 'Green-wich Village,'Charged up Cherry and 'Koala Berry. In the past i havn't really liked green nail varnishs as none have really suited me but this Green-wich Village is so nice and really summer colour that as soon as i got in i put it on and only needed 2 coats

Excuse the smudges I took it whilst still drying and hadn't got my smudge eraser to it yet
 I love how vibrant and glossy the shade is, doesn't dry as quick as Models Own but for the colour and how shiny it has turned out I shall forgive it. What shades are you liking at the min? Any O.P.I colours u like?

Hope you all enjoying this beautiful weather ☀