Friday, 29 October 2010

Crackin Nails

Hi my loves,

Are you all havin a good week? Been up2 much? Work/college/uni/scholl all goin well?
So anyway i have been looking for ages for the Barry M Instant Nail Effects top coat in black and givs a crackin effect over the nail colour u decide u want so as said i have been looking for it for a couple of weeks now and finally fond it in a superdrug nr us and i love it, I will post some pics in a min, i couldn't decide what colour i wanted underneath but in end decided on Max Factor extreme Diva as thought it would offset the black well.Picturs taken on blackbrry so not best quality sorry!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Maid Of Honour

Just a quick blog as it late as night, but I'm soo excited as i aid in previous blog m bestest friend Carly is staying at mine tonight ahead of us seeing westlife tomorrow! And she got engaged 3 months ago anyway tonight she asked me if i would be her..... Maid Of Honour OMG i am so overwhelmed and happy and proud we both cried,hugged and cried some more i a honoured that she asked me! We have been best friends since we were about 5 and i love he like she is my sister! Means the world to me.
And her partner Pete is amazing guy they truly r a perfect match, And now i can not wait to start my duties as Maid Of Honour especially the hen party cos me an Carly sure LOVE to paaaarrrrtaaaaaaaayyyyy
and i really hope i do her proud.

Thank you Carly for asking me, Very honoured!

Love you lots xxxxxx

Monday, 25 October 2010

Weekend of home shopping

Hi Dolls
So this weekend has been a real quiet one tbh not much to blog about really just went shopping to Ikea toget stuff for our new home and got a brand new coffee machine which v excited about as cant funcation without at least 4 cups of coffee in the morning lol.
And then oday got my Best friend Carly coming up2 manchester to stay at ours for the night as tmorrow we off to see westlife haha sad but we love them
So a few things we got fro Ikea

Some cushions for our bed as im cushion mad plus always nicer when chilling in bed watchin a film

I loeThis duvet set just tink it lovely ad colourful and a bit different

Free standing lamp for our front room,love that it shaped like a wine glass

and a couple o these bedside lamps

New dinner set

and new glasses,wine,champagne,pint,ad tumblerswe got

Got loads more as well but will not bore u all with it lol

Taaaa Daaaa this coffee machine ordered online and it was £160 which i think is pretty good as does coffee,espresso shots,cappacinnos.lattes,mochas etc Can not wait to start using it.

How was your weeked?

Saturday, 23 October 2010

This Or That

So i've seen a few of these blogs, and Laura done one which got me thinking to do one myself you can read Laura's blog here and whislt you are there you may want to follow her blog it's amazing!!


Blusher or bronzer?  Blusher
Lip gloss or lipstick?  Lipgloss
Eyeliner or mascara?  Mascara.
Neutral or color eyeshadow?  Neutral for winter and vibrant col for summer
Pressed or loose eyeshadow?  Pressed
Brushes or sponges?  Brushes!


OPI or China Glaze?  OPI without a doubt
Lotion or body butter?  Lotion
Body wash or soap? Body Wash everytime
Lush or other bath company?  Lush!  i'm obsessed with Lush products

Jeans or sweatpant? For comfort sweatpants,for fashion jeans and jeggings
Long sleeves or short?  At the min 3/4 length
Dresses or skirts?  Dresses.
Stripes or plaid?  Stripes
Flip-flops or sandals?  Sandals!! Can't stand flip flops
Scarves or hats?  Love them both
Studs or dangly earrings?  Daytime-Studs, weekend and going out dangly ones
Necklaces or bracelets?  Both
Heels or flats?  Heels
Cowboy boots or riding boots?   cowboy boots!
Jacket or hoodie?  Depends..

Curly or straight?  Both!  Depends on how im feeling
Bun or ponytail?  Messy bun :)
Bobby pins or butterfly clips?  Bobby pins.
Hairspray or gel?  I'm a hairspray fiend.
Long or short?  Medium, long har on me annoys me, and i don't like it too short
Light or dark?  on me darksih
Side-swept bangs or full bangs?  side swept for me
Up or down?  upp in a good old side messy bun


Rain or shine?  Love the hot sunny weather but also love the rain so both
Summer or winter?  Both for different reasons
Autumn or spring? Autumn just cos love the colour changes etc soo beautiful
Chocolate or vanilla?  Vanilla


Monday, 18 October 2010

'Jst wrap her up and rub her on the windows'

Hi Chicks :)

Firstly sorry or lack of blogs this past week I've been very busy at work and the also getting stuff ready head of moving house in Nov, So much to do and the days just fly by before we know it Christmas will be here, I know people will be groaning over that but personally  love Christmas here always seems to be a special kinda smell in he air around Christmas time,i love it going for long walks on crisp winter nights all wrapped up nice and snug, going to Christmas markets,doing Christmas shopping LOVE IT!!

And then I've bee getting back into our Wii which haven't had time to play recently so his weekend me and Nath been making up for lost time, lots of super Mario kart,super mario bros,sing star and wii sports plus the wii fit, forgot how much i loved it, I've see a few blogs with ppl moaning about the wii fit but i enjoy it espec as always not got time to hit gym so it fun 2 put my ipod in the deck and have a hour or so on it in the evenings.

An then just to make the weekend complete on Sunday Desperate Housewives was back! wooohoooo
One of my all time fave shows, before i go any further OMG at Carlos how hot is he looking and SO different, i knew the opener was gonna b amazing as it always is and was disappointed at all, Now can not wait for next episode.

How has ur week/weekend been?
Hope all keping well and i'll do more posts this week


Monday, 11 October 2010

An Update........ WE GOT IT!!!

Hi My Loves

How has your weekend been? Been upto much? This weekend me And Nath had a chilled one friday night and just watched Dexter  ♥ IT!!
Then sat night we had friends over for takeaway and drinks and X factor was a perfect night, Did u see X factor? What make of it?
Then Sunday we nt to view the house and got it straight away we are soo happy it such a lovly house in  gorgeous neighbourhood with a quiant little village but near to city as well. Can not wait to move in, Have spent rest of evening doing to do lists and the lists seem endless ha!


Inside my Make Up Bag ♥

Hi Girlie's  ♥

So Been looking and reading a few blogs recently and seen a few of ' Inside.....' So i thought i would do one myself with Inside my make up bag, a different kind of blog for me so why not!! Hope you enjoy x

 ♥ 1- Miniature Blusher Brush, 17 Brand used to use it all the time but not SO much now as i have a new blusher application
 ♥2- Xtra Large foundation brush i swear by it and use it so much!
 ♥3- Zebra printed make up bag from primark
 ♥4-Rimmel Nonstick lip gloss in Candy Pink, I'm so glad i came across this as my hair tends to gt v wind swept if it not tied up and was sick of my hair sticking to lips but now no more! yay
 ♥5-Miss Guided Nail Splash in Miscellaneous
 ♥6-Rimmel velvet smooth eye shadow in cool blue, Don't wear it very often tho as was given it by a friend i tend to go for dark colours
 ♥7-Multi Coloured ring from Dorothy Perkins
 ♥8- Max Factor Mini Extreme Nail Polish in Extreme Coral
 ♥9- Bobby Pins, every girl needs these they are a god send!
 ♥10- Natural Collections foundation in tan
 ♥11-Ciate Nail Polish in Vamp Red
 ♥12- 17 baby pink blush brush application i LOVE THIS!! it is my 4th one and i swear by it love that the brush is attached to it so get a Nice even application
 ♥13- Bourjouis Dark Grey Eye shadow its my fave ever
 ♥14-Selection of dark brown eye shadow palette given to m by me mum as she had two
 ♥15-Rimmel extra smooth eyeliner


Friday, 8 October 2010

Adore Miss Guided Splash Nail Colour :)

Hi Dolls :)

How are you all? So this is just a short blog tonight as really tired so gonna chill and watch some DVDS.
Anyway i got Cosmopolitan Magazine today and with it got afree Miss Guided Nail Splash, I personally have never heard of them before o didn't know what to expect but i made sure i got the Nude shade as i always get bright pinks,Greens, and Reds or dark blck and blue so tought i would go for something very different and the outcome? I love it!!!!

This brandof Nail Splash as it is called is amzing only need one coat or 2 if you like it extra thick and it drys litreally straight away. What Brands of polish are you liking?


Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sambuca,Sunsets & House Hunting


Hi Chicky's

So this week has been a bit full on since getting back from our relaxing break away been manic with work, and helping my cousins daughter out with her boyfriend problems bless her she only 16 aah young love eh! And then we found out that our landlord is selling up so need to look for a new place to live which is good in a way as we had been talking about moving and decided time for us to get our own house and we have seen one which we have actually fallen head over heels in love with and are viewing it on Sunday! Only problem is now we have got our hopes up just worried we won't get it as other people are viewing it on Sunday and it is actually amazing- Under floor heating,gorgeous decor and bedrooms, and a rain shower and huge bath!
And recently been looking on Ikea website and OMG i could buy the whole store i really could so really hoping we can get this house and then have a good shopping spree in Ikea, Anyone else in love with Ikea?


So whilst we was away I started on Danni Minogues autobiography and already on chapter 15 and i have to say i LOVE it but then i do Love Danni think she is just amazing and so down to earth and beautiful! I have also bought Cheryl Coles book Through My Eyes and i have to say i was a tad disappointed as thought it would be more of an autobiography but it isn't it mainly just a picture book don't get me wrong the pictures are incredible but come on! Want more depth than that in a book. Any of you got these Books?
What do you think?


And then this weekend well on Friday and Saturday night we are seeing friends for a meal on Friday night and then Sat night it is Pink Sambua Night with my Friend Braden & X factor!
You got any Plans? 


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Fur? I'd rather go naked!!!!!!

So for a while now i have been thinking about a different kind of blog to do as I've done ones about NOTD,OOTD,Fashion,make up, celebs etc so I thought I would do a blog about something close to my heart and something i am very passionate... PETA the anti animal cruelty charity, I'm a huge animal lover any kind of animal and the thought of them being mistreated and abused makes me sick to my stomach I hate the fact that people wear fur knowing that these animals are skinned and killed just so in their eyes they 'look good' well i have news for you YOU DON'T look good it looks cheap and nasty! I mean what is wrong with faux fur if that is the look you wanna go for and that way NO animals are hurt in the process to me it just common sense why would you want another living creature to go through torture like that just so you can get pleasure out of wearing something? It's vile and makes my blood boil!!

I love that high profile celebrities are now all getting behind PETA campaign and getting more and more people aware of it and what really goes on so hopefully they will think twice next time they see a fur jacket or a fur gilet. 

I love this picture of Audrina what she done for Peta and also emphasises that when looking to get a new pet we should also adopt them from shelters and give those dogs a second chance where people can be sorry for the harshness but a tad bit ignorant and NOT adopt or even go the shelter to see them as they think they will be badly trained or bad behaviour so they buy them which means six million innocent animals die a year in shelters without being given a second chance which breaks my heart. Me and my boyfriend are in the process of adopting a dog from our local shelter and it is an amazing shelter and yeah sure some of the dogs may not be the best behaved but hey at end of day without training no dogs are but they all have amazing traits and such loving personalities who deserve a good loving home! So next time please think wouldn't you like a second chance? If the answer is yes then the answer is adopt go toy your local shelter!! you will be surprised. Here are some of my fave billboard ads....


Kara dioGuardi

Celebrities in PETA advertising campaign Seen On peta (7) 

Celebrities in PETA advertising campaign Seen On peta (13) 

Celebrities in PETA advertising campaign Seen On peta (15)  

Celebrities in PETA advertising campaign Seen On peta (20)