Saturday, 4 September 2010

Love Of My Life

As have done notes about my dearest friends so thought might as well do a blog about my love Nathan
we been together 4 years this October and he really is the love of my life he means the world to me as well as being my boyfriend he is a really dear friend of mine as well. We were friends for a while before we got together so I knew that we were suited as we got on so well as friends and got the same sense of humour.
He really is an amazing person i mean like most men he can be bloody moody and annoying at times but when he like that I just leave him to it lol. He puts up with my obsession with reality tv and shoes bless his heart. We now live together and have done for a couple of years as well, to start with i thought omg what the hell is it gonna be like living with him permently as ya all know what men are like with their bathroom habits andleaving clothes laying around and at first it drove me MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD, But eventually got used to it and now after few stern words and tantrums on my behalf dirty clothes are no longer left around by him. He is really good to me though and i am truly lucky to have him as my boyfriend, He makes me laugh every single day. I love you with all my heart. xx xx


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