Thursday, 16 September 2010

Extra long/Hot showers,Winter clothes,Lazy hair & new shoes :-)

Hi Girlies

So this morning i don't know about you lot but i found it so bloody hard getting out of bed was SO cold i must spent about 45 mins in the shower he he just didn't want 2 get out plus I'm kinda in love with my new shower foam it is simply incredible how such a small amount lathers up so well! And then i realised was having a major bad hair day and not a Lotta time to sort it so went for the lazy option and sweept it all up in to a messy bun with a side braid something quick and simple.And my outfit today is my new chunky knit grey Bat wing jumper from Oasis, jeans, and my new Gladiator style shows which i love

For this amount of lather i only had to use a pea sized amount which is fab and it smells gorgeous,leaves my skin feeling nice and soft all day long

Having real bad hair day today for some reason must of slept on it funny or something lol, so decided to be real lazy and sweep it in to a bun and do a side braid

As i woke up to it being SO bloody cold today i chucked on me winter jumper and jeans to keep me nice and snug i love this jumper purely for the fact of the bat wing arms are different.

With me new Gladiator style shoes i got from Dorothy Perkins which i love, love the big buckles on the front and they are SO comfy



  1. oh it was so funny to think that you actually took a photo in the shower!! your hair looks nice with that on the side and the shoes are lovely - gladiator style shoes with heels or not is always more than welcome!!!

    have a nice day

  2. thank you for your support dear!
    I didn't quite get why you find my blog sad.. but I appreciate your sympathy :)

  3. I think it is funny that you took a pic of your foam too! But I love your outfit! The sweater is cute and the shoes are hot!