Thursday, 2 September 2010

Attention Ladies!! Essential Item

Moroccan Oil! I seriously can not get enough of this product. It has tons of hype around it and is used by celebrities such as Audrina Patridge and Jenna Jameson. It lives up to the hype 100%…your hair NEEDS this! Just wash your hair as normal, then apply to the ends when it’s damp, then blow dry/style as normal and there you have it…gorgeous soft, shiny, silky hair. It smells absolutely amazing too!

Apparently It also makes your hair grow quicker too, although my hair grows really fast anyway so I didn’t really notice?! It revives hair, strengthens and conditions and (the biggest selling point for me) reduces drying time.I’ve never really bothered with hair products in the past but this has been added to my ‘essential items’ list.



  1. ive heard alot about this.. but i have no clue as to where to buy it. im guessing ebay! :/ haha
    and ima do a post of everywhere i am so people can follow me and add mee!! :) x

  2. Haha freaky!! I just left a comment on ya blog around the same time u did me hun haha. I shall add ya now xxx