Wednesday, 15 September 2010



Hiii honey Bees

How Ru all? Did u watch the VMAs last night? I did and was so glad they lived up to all the hype and that Kanye behaved himself for a change ha! Now i don't know about the rest of you but i love the red carpet so was very excited to see what everyone was wearing and then thought  I'd do a blog of my fave and my worsts and see if agree? Here goes


Ashley Greene

Now this girl is stunning anyway andim not normally over keen on mini dresses for awards   I love her make up and hair as well works really well with this whole outfit and hey if you had legs like hers wouldn't you be showing them off to the world!

Stephanie Pratt

Aw Miss Stephanie we love her anyway think she is amazing and so beautiful, and i am in LOVE with this Maxi Dress think it really compliments her and is just beautiful love how she has left her make up really light.

Brenda Song

I love how Brenda didn't just fit in with what everyone else wore and play safe with either an outrageous dress or mini/maxi dress, i Love how she has added a bit of rock chick to her outfit and it really works! One of my fave of the whole night

Katy Perry

I love Katy i think i have a girl crush on her and think she looks beautiful in whatever she wears, i love the fact this dress has her normal edge to it but is still very femine and girlie at the same time and adds a bit of quirkiness to it with the col in her hair. Stunning

The Misses


I can not stand Snooki anyway so in a way i knew before i saw her that i wouldn't like what she wearing and i just think she looks really cheap, not the kind of dress you would wear to awards i dont think .

Aurdina Patridge

Aww :( This pains me to put Audrina here as i love her bit i just didnt find anything special about this dress and her hair looks really limp when its normally gorgeous and full of life, I always think shehas lost way too much wieght and could do with putting on a few pounds


This outfit i just found totally bizarre, if it was just a plain one it would be ok i guess but just dont like it and dont get it.

The worst outfit of the night which i refuse to put on here is Lady GaGa raw meat outfit i actually find that quite disgusting and sick to be honest. What do you think? Who were your faves on the night?


All photos courtesy of google images.


  1. oh Audrina looks awful in that picture, he obviously has to put on some weight..

    Loved the Hits, though!!

  2. Loved Ashley Greene's dress! What is going on with Rihanna?!

  3. I used to love Audrina on The Hills, but I think she's totally changed her style to fit in with the other cast members. It's got too much of a competition I think.
    I love Ashley Greene's dress.

  4. I know Rihanna just looks wrong doesnt she!x
    And totally agree aba Audrina she used to have her own style and quirkiness about her but now thats all gone x

  5. I totally agree with everything you said about the misses! I didn't see the show, but out of your favorites I agree that Brenda is my favorite! I love the rocker edge to it too.