Friday, 24 September 2010

Hii Chickadees

How r we all today? Had a good week,what been upto? This week has been manic sooo busy at work and such annoying custamors asking such stupid questions lol how i managed to keep my cool god only knows, I really can never understand how people can ask such silly questions it's like can you actually hear yorselfs!! Anyway enough of that,I now have 1o days off work wooohooooo which i may add are well needed so this weekend Me and Nath are having a nice chilled weekend watchign X factor and Simply Red For The Last Time on itv sat night and football on sunday and amongst all that lots of washing and ironing and packing as on monday we off to Center Parcs for the week we going the one in Sherwood Forest we never been before and decided we would give it a go for a nice relaxing break and some quality time together loads of people have said it is amazing and i can not wait to try the spa out, go horse riding, and apperently the Sub Tropical Swimming Pool is out of this world which is a huge bonus for me as i love swimming and the river rapids i ca be such a water baby at times.

We had our abroad holiday earlier in the year went to Majorca for 2 weeks which was lovely, and it Nath 30th next year so we off to New York for a week for that so hence why we chose Center Parcs just something completely different and nice and relaxing! Have any off you been before? If so what did you make of it? Would love ya feed Back.

How has your week been? Any plans for weekend? 



  1. That city scape picture is so beautiful.

  2. aww thank youuu! :) thats so sweet of you and i agree, no more crap from anyone! LOL x