Monday, 20 September 2010

Friends,Family,Drinking & Laughter - Perfect Weekend

Hi Girls
How ru all? Have a good weekend? This weekend was amazing i went back home to Kent to catch up with my Mum and Dad and family and friends and also because it was my Best Friends Engagement party Saturday night and it was an amazing party very hungover the next day lol Carly looked so beautiful very proud of her.

I love going bk down south and catching up with my family and friends as they mean the world to me and always have good time, I also saw me cousin Emma and her little girl Phoebe who is 2 and just the sweetest little girl. I've uploaded some pics from sat night so here they are

The Happy couple Carly and Pete xxxx

Hittin the Dance floor lol
Morning after the night before and Carly front room been turned in to the bedroom for the night pmsl

carly takin a pic of me takin her pic lol

Me a bit drunk lol & lookin like i have no teeth :/ lmao

It really was an amazing night with amazing people, then Sunday i went had dinner with mum and dad then got the train back up to Manchester and chilled in me PJ's catching up on me programmes which Nath had sky+ for me lol.

How was your weekend? Get up to much?


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