Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wishlist Of September

So on my wish list for this month is books as i have turned into such a little book worm at the min and there are three autobiography's which are mut haves for me and they are

Danni Minogue - My Story

I love Danni I'll be the first to admit that i haven't always loved her i used to really dislike her until Sharon Osbourne bullied her on X factor and she kept a dignified silence then she really grew on me, think she is such a beautiful person inside and out. And can not wait for her book to come out think it gonna be very interesting

Cheryl Cole- Through my eyes

Been a fan of Cheryl's right from the start, but now I'm not over struck on her solo material but think she is an amazing person and really looking forward to her book, Hers and Danni's will be the first 2 books I'll be buying as soon as they come out. Got a feeling gonna be such good reads and won't be able to put them down

Robbie Williams - You Know Me

Aw Robbie i just LOVE him pure and simple always have and probably always will, yes he isn't the best singer but he is an amazing performer and such a character, so glad he has finally put his demons to bed and got settled and married his wife seems like an amazing woman who has done the world of good for Robbie, I love books like these where they are mainly personal photos as you get a look in to their lives.

So they are my 3 items on my wish list at the min and what i will be purchasing when they come out. As i said i LOVE reading and autobiographies are my fave books.


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  1. I have a huge stack of books sitting my bed just waiting to be read. But life is so busy right now that by the time I get home each evening I'm totally exhausted. :-( It's starting to make me sad because I love reading and I miss it.