Thursday, 23 September 2010

So i was thinking long and hard about what my next blog could be about and thought why not do one about some of my guilty pleasures or what i sometimes have no self control over and see what all yours are? I have quite a few lol.

Now as every girl knows you can never have enough shoes and i stand by that saying i find it so hard when I'm shopping not to buy a pair of shoes every time. Being only 5"3 i am obsessed with heels any kind of heels this season I'm loving wedges love you can wear wedges with literally anything you can dress them up and dress them down. Of course i love my trainers as well and for plain old comfort you can not beat a pair of Timberland boots. My fave shoe designer is Christian Louboutin and thought if i keep saving up then one day i will be able to afford a pair ha.....until i saw an online shop selling them with 40% off i had to do a double take and check the small print lol but nope it is true they are 40% off and i now have 2 pairs of Christian Louboutins finally whoop

These are the pictures of the two i purchased and i LOVE them, I never been that keen on animal print shoes but then saw these and i suppose it was love at first sight plus with jeans or a little black dress they look amazing with them.


Any kind of bags big,small,clutch,plain,patterned i love them all my everyday handbag is over sized i have 2 which i use everday one is a black one and the other is deep purple both i got from Next

I love how it so big yet i can find anything in there so easily. And in the evening depending on what I'm doing/going i use my clutch bags either a coloured one or plain black or cream one


Now like everyone i can have a sweet tooth it not so much chocolate bars anymore or sweeties but show me a cupcake and omg they are my guilty pleasure I'm sure i put an inch on my hips just by looking at them, I found the most adorable cupcake store in Kensington London called The Hummingbird Bakery and their cupcakes are delish and SO moreish i managed to get a special one when the world cup was going on which looked so pretty i really didn't wanna eat it lol till Nath said if i didn't then he would and No there was no way i was sharing it with him ha ha

I adore coffee and in a day have at least 8cups of it which i know isn't good so i always make sure i have 4  decaffeinated cups so i don't feel too guilty or bad ha, and i have to have a Starbucks at least once a week i can not say no to their Frappucinnos even in the winter i have to have one i am slightly addicted

 I can be a right book worm i love a good book to read and sometimes can read one book in a day espec in the summer where i go to the beach for a good day of sun bathing and reading i love it i take good pride in my book collection as well and have them in order of Author and categories, i think that the ocd in me coming out lol I'm the same with my DVD collection

They are just some of my weaknesses and pleasures i could of gone on and on but would of been here all night



  1. I love this post. And I'm right there agreeing with you on all of these.