Friday, 3 September 2010

Hair Drama

Omg my hair is doing my head in at the min, it in that real annoying stage where can hardly do anything with it, it shoulder length and just eurgh really annoying me. Went out the other night with friends for a meal and i really wanted to do a messy side bun like how Audrina had hers done

So erm yeah did mine turn out like that?! NOOOO pmsl u can only imagine how it turned out, like some1 had just stuck summit to the side of my head, really annoyed me as when my hair was longer it had so much volume then i went for drastic change and had it all chopped off and now wish i never had bothered cos now im stuck with it mid way not being able to do what i want with it
Another person hairstyles im in love with at the min is Lauren Conrad i love the messy braids and messy buns i personally think looks so much better than ultra styled and ultra sleeked hair

Well thats my little rant over and done with haha. What hairstyles are you lot loving at the min?

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  1. OMGGG can totally relate t this... i had long hair i went for drastic i gt short thined hair iv waited almost a yr now for it to become okay... but im still not happy lmaoo x