Monday, 17 January 2011

Golden Globes Fashion.. Best Dressed

Well i may sure i had a little nap earlier so i could stay up and watch the Golden Globes as living in the United Kingdom the time difference means it didn't start till 1am over here so i watched some of the Red Carpet beforehand which i have to say I LOVE!! Always watch the Red Carpet for any event! Now before i go any further i wanna say how friggin amazing is it seeing Michael Douglas out and about and looking so well after his battle with cancer? The bloke is an absolute legend and true gentleman!! I LOVE him

How beautiful does Catherine Zeta-Jones look? Stunning xx

Best dressed of the night for me was really tough to choose this year and it was between 2 ladies for me but after going back and forth i finally made the decision the best dressed Actress for me is .......

Eva Longoria
It is ridiculous how beautiful she is so bloody beautiful and this dress is out of this world stunning i love it and her make up and hairstyle is just flawless!!

Olivia Wilde

I love how feminine this dress is i was blown away by it, the thing i love the most is that as much as it is elegant and girly i love that it is different as well! Heard a few people not liking it but i love it and the ehavy fringe really suits her!!

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Such a pretty elegant dress, Love the detail on the front as well.

Natalie Portman

Awww pregnant and just glowing how stunning is she please? Loving the flower details on the dress and the necklace really compliments it as well

Lea Michelle

Just love the colour and style of this dress really suits Lea

Amy Adams

Don't normally like dark navy on dresses like this but i love this dress on Amy really flatters her and looks so stunning!

Julia Stiles

I adore her and this dress she is so pretty, and this dress in the black with her bright red lipstick just looks beautiful and elegant! Love it

So as i said it was so hard to choose some of the best dressed i could of gone on for ages i also loved Kelly Osbourne and her dress as well, But these were my faves!

Who else watched it? Happy with who won? Who were your best dressed on the night?



  1. I love Olivia Wilde's dress! It reminds of a night sky :) Amy, Lea and Natalie look stunning as well <3

  2. aw babe i didnt watch it, butt jennifer love hewitt is just gorgeous in anything, i love that woman.. i hve to say i like olivia's dress even if it might have been a little hard to walk in all night,.. lol my fave jennifer tho!! :D x

    p.s, thank you for the comment about the vlog! CRINGEE! lol

  3. OMG I looove Olivia Wilde's outfit, those shoes are ah-maz-ing!


  4. Aren't they Just!! I want them! xx

  5. Lea's dress is absolutely beautiful and it suited her so well.

    I think Olivia's kind of looks like a prom dress? Don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVE it.. but didn't seem as elegant for the red carpet to me. Her shoes on the other hand are TO DIE FOR.