Friday, 21 January 2011

Recent Buys And My New Addiction

Hey Sweet peas

How has your week been going? I'm so glad it the weekend tomorrow yaaay plus it my birthday on Monday so having a long weekend - No more work till Tuesday which is always a plus! This week i have been working mainly, and getting back in2 the gym I have also bought a couple of items and done some more of my Wreck This Journal I have to admit i am loving it! Everyone should have one, it so silly that it is fun!

I got a new t-shirt blouse from Dorothy Perkins on Weds as soon as i saw it i fell in love with it, I love the pinky colour of it and really cute and girly with the bird prints on it and i love the fact the collar you tie in to a bow which i adore

My new blouse i love the colour and the little birds all over it and the main thing i love is collar you can tie in to a bow which looks really nice.

I also got a gorgeous long chain necklace from Ribbon and Asher  which has little beads on part of it, and a gold bow, a couple of heart lockets, and a silk mini rose and i have to say i have worn it everyday since i got it i love it but then i am a necklace junkie anyway i most have thousands.

I think it is just sooo pretty with all the different little details on it! Wear it with everything.

And then also I have been doing more of my Wreck This Journal this week i had it as one of my stocking fillers and it just so silly all the things it tells you to do but it good fun as well especially if i am bored and want a good doodle ha ha.

These two pages were 'Cover in stickers'

Doddle like it is the back of an envelope

Write the same word over and over ha ha

So that is it for me this week so far, Hope you are all having a good week so far? Plans for the weekends?
Before I go *Waves* HI to my new followers stop by and say Hi.

Much Love & Kisses Mwah


  1. Nice purchases! And lovely blog x

  2. I like the bird detail. :) The necklace is lovely! I love the touch of hearts on it. <3

    I used to go ga-ga over stickers when I was younger. Doodling came naturally on any surface. lol.

  3. such a cute shirt and necklace!
    thanks for linking my site
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Such a gorgeous top, I saw it in my local Dotty P's and I was rather tempted myself. It's so cute.

  5. The top is so pretty! Lovely blog x

  6. Haha that last picture reminds me of having to do lines at school xD but it looks more fun than the lines we had to write!