Monday, 24 January 2011

Models Own Haul

So over the weekend i decided i would get some new lipgloss and nail varnish and everytime i come on my blog i always see people going on about Models Own so thought as Boots have the any 3 for £10 offer i will take advantage of it! I got 4 new Nail Varnishs
I got Slate Green,Coral Reef,Lemon Meringue and Magenta Divine! I also got 2 Lip glosses why not eh?

At the Min i have put the slate green one on and i love it so a nice colour and drys really quickly i was shocked as expected them to maybe take a while to dry.

The lipGloss i got in two diff colours one is a real pale pinky kinda shade and the other is a brighter baby pink shall we say and OMG as soon as i took the lid off i sat in the car for ages sniffing them ( no not weird) just couldnt put my finger on the smell then i twigged BAKEWELL tart haha again i am not going mad has any of you got any of their lipgloss? Dont u think they have an Almondy scent to them? Love it!!

Love both these shades so glad all of u always keep going on about Models Own haha will deffo be buyin more from them for sure!!
Hope you are all havin a good start to ya week!



  1. Those shades are divine! :) I like them all!

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  2. I love lipglosses that are scented, I might have to investigate once I get paid. great swatches.


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  4. The coral reef nail varnish is lovely! x

  5. Nice choices!The green nailpolish is so nice,I'm looking for this color too currently and like your lipgloss too!