Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Whole Lotta Lovin............

So i have been quite ill the past few days with some sickness bug which has been going around so i have been catching up on the blog world and reading some new ones and this post i'm about 2 do i found on the wonderful Ray's blog which you can find here  and i thought i would do the same kinda one as was something a bit different, Hope ya don't mind! So anyway i love reading through peoples blogs and seeing all the different ones out there and i have a list of all my fave ones which is on the left hand side of my blog and i recomeend you follow them all, But i have a few which i adore and love and these are them and why


Laura is a complete sweetheart her blog was one of the first i followed and even now a few months on, it is the first blog i read as soon as i log on, LOVE her make up reviews, fashion posts,everyday posts, the pictures, Honestly it is an incredible blog i think what makes it even more better is the girl who writes it is lovely a real nice girl, Only been speaking a while on twitter and i can tell she is gonna go far in life and i hope she does cos she really deserves it. So go on go follow her blog trust me you will not b disappointed!

Only been reading Ray blog for a few weeks now and i must admit i am hooked! I love it got everything you need,make up,fashion,life in general! Another blog you have to follow! Seems a real nice person as well. So glad i started following.

Aw Ana the very first blog i ever followed and havnt looked back since!! A complete darling, we speak a lot now on twitter and facebook and she is such a lovely girl real funny as well, her blog is amazing i always read it every day and you should 2.

I adore this blog for the main reason Amy is as obsessed with Nail polish as i am, never thought i would meet some1 who loves it so much yaay there r 2 of us! I love checking out her blog and seeing the new ones she has got plus a really lovely lovely girl.

I love all the blogs i follow i really do, but these 4 are the stand out ones for me where as soon as im logged in, im checking out their new posts. If you want fantastic blogs to read about anything from day2day stuff , to make up,fashion then these are ya girls!!
To check their blogs out just click on their headers!

xoxox Hay xoxo

p.s hope you girls didnt mind me using ya headers for this post on u all xx


  1. Wow thank you so much! And yes, it's brilliant to find others who love nail polish as much as I do!! Thanks a lot! xxx

  2. AWW! You're such a sweet girl! I like the love you're showing. Blogging isn't a competition and some girls need to realize that.

  3. i just now saw this... aww Hayley Ssshhuckkss.. you too sweet...!

    thank you, your a doll!! :) X