Tuesday, 25 January 2011

NOTD - Models Own

So I thought i would do a NOTD post as havnt done one in a while but this one a bit diff as be showing 3 diff colours as i tried my new Models Own Nail Varnishs out today and i have to say i am now slightly obsessed with Models Own and will deffo be buying more in the future! Before i post the pics i apoligise for the poor pictures my Digital camera broke last week so getting a new one on Thursday when my pictures will be loads better.

Magenta Pearl-

I love this shade of purple nice and deep with flickers of glitter in it.

Grrrr my nails are soo short at the min! Really doing my head in.

Grace Green-

Been looking for a real nice grey/green colour for a long time and finally found it over the weekend it was the first one i tried and love it!!

Coral Reef

I love this shade it looks really pale till you put it on and it very bright even with a tint or orange in it i would say but i love it.

Again sorry for poor quality of pictures can't wait till i get my new digital camera so i can be snapping away. What are your fave shades of Varnish?



  1. the purple is definitley my favorite!


  2. Oooh I LOVE the green nails x

  3. Gorgeous colours :)
    I love the shine to the purple one, really suits you xox