Friday, 28 January 2011

That Friday Feeling.....

The tree in the park i was talking about

Wooohoooo it finally the weekend!! You all had a good week? Mine been pretty hectic but am off now till tuesday! :-). Today i was hoping on havin a ncie chilled day till my friend phoned asking if i would look after her 4 year old daughter not that i mind as she such a little sweetie! So i had looked after her 12-5 and she decided she wanted to make cakes.... Oh dear and 4 year old wanting to help in the kitchen can only end with..... Mass destuction in my kitchen ha

The icing she picked out

 An hour and lots of mess later these were the end results.... As u can see basically a mess! This is what happens when u give in and allow a 4yr old to decorate cakes lol. O well she seemed to like them!

Then afterwards we played buckaroo aw i will never complain about having to play that game i loved it as a kid, then we watched The little Mermaid,, and then went to the park for a bit where i took that pic of the tree i swear u can see the birds on the branches! Pretty. By the time Maddie went home i was in need of a LARGE glass of red wine and a long relaxing soak in the tub with me trusted Lush goodies

I decided to use Think Pink as have used it before and i love it especially when all the little conffetti hearts come exploding out

Looks quite a pale pink at first but then once it gets going the colour is amazing and so vibrant i love it

Love it! Don't know where i would be without Lush products, adore them! Whats everyones plans for the weekend? Anything exciting? Tomorrow  im packing some stuff up as doing a blog swap with the Lovely Laura over at seriously you need 2 follower he bcos a- her blog is fab and b- she is sooo lovely!!xoxo
And then tomorrow evening am off out for drinks with the boyfriend and friends and then sunday gonna go and see The Kings Speech. Has anyone seen it?

Whatever u all do I hope it's a good one



  1. Oh those cakes are so cute!!!
    As for weekend plans, I'm planning to see the "black swan" tonight!

  2. Oo.. I must try that bath bomb, lovely colour :) If you haven't tryied these two you should firstly Space Girl its a pretty cheap one at only £1.90 but its such a ncie colours and at the end the sound is great, if you listen you will hear poping almost like poping candy! It's great :) and secondly Dragons Egg, i picked it up yeaturday it smells so nice if you like sherbet lemons you will love the smell because it actuatly smell like them :) haha, and thanks for the bit about me hun, you're so nice! Cant wait untill our swaps arrive after we send them tomorrow, Just fingers crossed you love everything i got you :) xoxoxo

  3. Thank you for your lovely lovely comment! Those Lush goodies look great, I love the ones that turn the bath water bright pink. :)


  4. Love Lush, i have tried that bath bomb a few times.
    Lovely isnt it.