Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year My sweeties!!

Hope you all had a wonderful and happy christmas and New year Eve!
Did Santa ( hehe) Bring u all u wanted, I was a very luck girl this year! Obviously becasue i had been good all year round lol.
What did u all do for New Year eve? We didnt do much as town gets waaaaaay to busy and charge stupid prices just to get in to a pub so we went for a meal with friends and then all came back to ours for lots of drinks and games on the wii which was very fun! Paid for it the next day though with the hangover from hell so new year day was spent in me pjs crashed on the couch watching dvds!

Any of you do New Year Resaloutions? I don't normally as i am not very goos at sticking to them so this year i have kind of set meself some guidelines of what i wanna do and hopefully i will stick to them here they are

  • Spend more time organising stuff
  • Get to the gym more often at least twice a week!
  • Go away more often with my boyfriend
  • Get in touch with old friends
  • Do more blogging
  • Take more pictures
  • Stop losing things
  • Be more patient with people

So there is just a few of mine and hopefully i can stick to them! Have you made any? Would love to hear them if you have! 



  1. I had a wonderful Christmas. And so far I'm doing very good at sticking to my resolutions, although we are only 4 days into the year. :-)

    Happy New Year