Thursday, 27 January 2011

♥ My Jan Faves ♥

Hey SweetPeas :)

So yet again insomnia has kicked in!! Thought i would do a post on some of my Fave things this month-

Lush Products

L-R -The Ex Factor,FizzBanger,Dragons Egg

So as i said in my previous blog i ♥ Lush Products and at the min i have lots of them! These 3 are my faves at the min.


I love this necklace i got it from Primark in December and it is one of my faves, i love how it Silky and just bulky,all diff colours! Love wearing it with my black dress or black jumper and jeans i have a bracelet to match as well.

Cant really see this very well but it a gold chain with a mini teap pot and cup and charm as soon as i saw it i fell in love with it, just so cute and dainty.

I can be such a book worm at times and i love Susan Lewis i have already read her books 'Missing', 'Stolen Innocence','The Choice' and i loved all them, I am now gonna start 'The French Affair' Love my autobiographys as well, cant wait to start Danni's.

When i was a kid i LOVED these I think most kids did! I was in town the other day and wooop found them!! Thought they had stopped doing them over here! Was made up :)

Now who does not like Krispy Kreme Doughnuts? The girls at work got these as part me Birthday present, Ofc i shared them with every1 at work!!

Hope you are all keepin well and having a good week! xoxox


  1. donuts nerds primark and!

  2. All thse are great items! Yuum doughnuts!

  3. great pictures!!!!!!
    love your style!
    follow u now

  4. My fave doughnut is the plain glazed ring, love Krispy Kreme :D


  5. That teapot necklace also caught my eye in your accessories post. I love it! and I also love NERDS!!!