Wednesday, 26 January 2011

♥ Lush

I am obsessed with Lush products especially the Bath Bombs and melts can not get enough of them, it was my birthday recently and the girls at work got me a mixture of 25 different bath bombs and melts :)  So tonight i was home alone and decided to have a nice chilled out evening- Loong soak in the bath and do me nails etc. I decided i would use the Frog Prince Ballistic.
He is so cute, and as soon as put him in the water wosh the smell was instant i just wanted to jump in straight away, what i thought was really cute when he had completely melted away there was a little a note inside him with a picture of a prince on it.

Excuse the state of my nails I had been practicing with my new Wah Nails Nail art pen. How sweet is it?

As soon as i put him. This is now one my fave Bath Ballistics the smell is gorgeous and i can still smell it on my skin now. Any of you girls like the Lush products?



  1. I adore lush, especially their hand creams - they work wonders on my hands when everything else high street seems to have totally failed. Hoping to get some of the massage bars to give a whirl soon - haven't tried them in the past so i'm not sure how they rate?!

  2. I used this frog today! He was great, did you get the hidden bit of paper? :) I loved that as a little extra, I didn't use to be such a big fan of Lush but in the past year ive spent so much in there, can help myself! haha xox

  3. Omg with the prince on it? So cute and clever how they do it! Obsessed with lush love it. Sooo nice arent they? Find it so hard to pick which ones to use tho lol xoxoxo