Monday, 31 January 2011

Cocktails,Cupcakes & High Heels

Hey Girlies

How was ya weekend? What did u all get up2? Sat night mw & Nath went out for a nice meal and drinks which turned into about 100 drinks lol butwas such a lovely night as we both been so busy at work was nice to have quality time together i know we see each other every day as live together but during the week just so tired from work.Then sunday we went out for a lovely sunday roast then whilsthe went to his friends I chilled with a bottle of wine,long soak in the tub,Dancing On Ice and startedme box set of Desperate Housewives! Any of you watching Dancing on Ice?Got a fave? I'm loving Vanilla Ice just love him as a person plus he pretty good, I want Kerry 2 do well as she has done incredible turning her life around the way she has BUT she just not very good I think confidence has alot 2 do with it.Also think Chloe,Sam and Laura r all really good as well! Liking Jeff 2 lol.

Oh how i love a nice glass of red wine

 These were sooooooo Nice DuneBug and RockTail

 In the slug and Lettuce
 My guilty please pink sambuca soo nice

I was suprised as was quite with it Sunday morning , I thought I was gonna be as rough as anything.Was so nice Sunday evening to chillout watching Desperate Housewives and eating cupcakes hehe. Oh and i used mylil man 'Ex Factor ' Lust product which was gorge such a strong Vanilla Scent! Will deffo get him again.

Sooo tasty!! I will go to the gym this week so didnt feel too bad haha

Love lil man

Hope youall had a good one whatever you did


  1. oooh these cocktails look so delicious!
    I'm glad you had a great time :)

  2. The blue bath looks looks awesome!

  3. This post both made me very thirsty for some coktails and an urge to watch Desperate Hosuewives! Cool blog x