Friday, 28 January 2011

I Swear By This ....

Hey girls

Recently i have found an amazing buy and now call it my bargain find!! When i was younger i dyed my hair sooo many times had it bleached blonde, then dyed back to my natural brown, then highlighted then bright red so as u can guess it not in the best state but i have found an solution - Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum it says it for dry ends but my god not only has it put a stop to my dry ends it has given my hair a new lease of life i use it probably 3 times a week and you was hair as normal and then spray a few sprays in to ya hair and massage in, Or you can do it when ya hair is dry as well. And then style how you wish. As soon as i use this everyone comments on how shiny and full of life my hair is! I always order this now with every order of Avon.

So I'm loving this and thought i would share it with all you! Seriously if you get Avon, next time go and order it!
Also today been playing around some more with my Nail Art Pen and trying out more stripes on Models Own 'Lemon Meringue' Nail Varnish, think the outcome is okay but plenty more work to do till I'm happy with it ha ha.

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  1. i have the same problem! my hair has been all the colours under the sun! i wish i never started to dye it though! im deffo going to try this!