Friday, 14 January 2011


Hey Girlies

Thought i would a NOTD post as havnt done one in so long! My fave brands of Nail Varnish are - Models Own, Mac,BarryM,O.P.I, and Nails Inc. But recently i been trying new ones out and i saw one in myAvon book which i loved a grey shade but it different as instead of being a polish finish this is a Matte finish which i wasnt too sure about too start with buti put it on today and i haveto say i LOVE it and it drys super super quickly!!Within 2 mins i would say and isabargain atjust £3 i will deffo be buying more in different shades

Love the matte finish in this shade personally think it looks really nice

What are your fave brands on Nail Varnish? Prefer bright or dark colours?

Much Love



  1. ike the oages up top! ;)
    depends on my mood, outfit and the way the day looks for the shade of my nails! LOL
    and my favourtie brand are barry m! :D

  2. Thank you honey! And thank you for ya help on them! Aw love Barry M as wellxx